2010-07-16 Adrian Schröter[api] add extendkey command to api documentation
2010-07-16 Michael Schroeder- add extendkey method
2010-07-15 Adrian Schröter[webui] fix enabling of submit button after editing...
2010-07-13 Adrian Schröter[api] add Mandriva 2010.1 to default target template
2010-07-13 Adrian Schröter[backend] Filter SLP announcements to localhost, they...
2010-07-12 Adrian Schröterapi/webui setup: create initial secret.key file
2010-07-12 Adrian Schröteroptinaly read session secret from extra config/secret...
2010-07-12 Adrian Schrötercreate secret.key symlink
2010-07-08 Adrian Schröter[api] backport coolos fix for handling file names with...
2010-07-08 Adrian Schrötermake obs 1.7 compatible with Rails 2.3.8
2010-07-07 Adrian Schröteradd release notes for 2.0.3 release 2.0.3
2010-07-07 Adrian Schröter[api] fix syntax error when trigger a rebuild
2010-07-07 Adrian Schröter[api] handle mbranch correctly, if update project has...
2010-07-06 Christopher... [backend] Added driverupdate stuff to schema.
2010-07-06 Adrian Schröter[api] allow unlimited repository parameters in aggregat...
2010-07-06 Adrian Schröter* Add openSUSE 11.3 links
2010-07-05 Adrian Schröter[api] fix review handling via groups
2010-07-04 Adrian Schröter[api] refactor api request execution code a bit
2010-07-02 Adrian Schröter[api] don't crash if request does not exist
2010-07-02 Adrian Schröter[backend] * go to correct request state, after last...
2010-07-02 Adrian Schröter[api] add missing return
2010-06-30 Jan Engelhardtbsconfig: relsync for sparc64 should point to sparcv9
2010-06-30 Adrian Schröterwrite ip address instead of DNS name to api config...
2010-06-29 Adrian Schröterfix mbranch with project links in update project
2010-06-29 Adrian Schröterreport warning of lacking signing based on config,... 2.0.2
2010-06-29 Adrian Schröter* backport interconnect fix
2010-06-29 Michael Schroeder- tell scheduler that the source download failed. resul...
2010-06-29 Adrian Schröter* update 2.0.2 spec file
2010-06-29 Adrian Schröteradd 2.0.2 release notes file
2010-06-29 Adrian Schröterkiwi internal product name is not allowed to have spaces
2010-06-28 Adrian Schröterset api version to 2.0
2010-06-28 Michael Schroeder- fix serialization
2010-06-28 Jan Engelhardtbs_admin: fix typos in help text
2010-06-28 Jan Engelhardtviews/main: fix typo i585 -> i586
2010-06-28 Adrian Schrötertest for both possible hardware number generator devices
2010-06-28 Adrian Schröterenable signing only if local instance has a hardware...
2010-06-28 Michael Schroeder- bring addrepo_remote in bs_repserver up-to-speed...
2010-06-25 Adrian Schröterfix branching with project links (validated via extende...
2010-06-24 Adrian Schröteruse correct project for branching in case of exiting...
2010-06-21 Adrian Schröteradd missing icon (#615618)
2010-06-21 Adrian SchröterMerge branch '2.0' of
2010-06-21 Adrian Schröterfix source service calling syntax (#615825)
2010-06-19 Thomas Schmidt[webui] add js patch by Michal Seben (bnc#614709)
2010-06-18 Adrian Schröterenforce outdir parameter
2010-06-18 Stephan Kulow[api] allow to set the hostname for x-rewrite
2010-06-18 Stephan Kulow[api] check the existance of verifymd5
2010-06-18 Adrian Schröterupdate release notes again 2.0.1
2010-06-18 Adrian SchröterBe a "bad build host" if the build did not create any...
2010-06-18 Adrian Schröterfix layout of status output
2010-06-18 Adrian Schröterupdate release notes
2010-06-18 Adrian Schröterfix preconfiguration of workers
2010-06-18 Adrian Schröterdon't crash on projects without packages
2010-06-17 Adrian SchröterAdd release notes for 2.0.1
2010-06-17 Stephan Kulow[api] fix project status for corner cases
2010-06-17 Stephan Kulowignore disabled state (include disabled packages)
2010-06-17 Stephan Kulow[api] include more md5sums in the project status
2010-06-16 Thomas SchmidtRevert "[webui] initial ui for driver update disk creation"
2010-06-16 Thomas Schmidt[webui] initial ui for driver update disk creation
2010-06-16 Thomas Schmidt[webui] add spacing to icons
2010-06-16 Stephan Kulow[webui] require paramters
2010-06-16 Adrian Schröterimplement propper cleanup in "runservice" when _service...
2010-06-16 Thomas Schmidt[webui] free caches on package creation
2010-06-16 Thomas Schmidt[webui] use icons on files page
2010-06-16 Adrian Schröterrun services also on file delete operation.
2010-06-16 Stephan Kulow[webui] do not send mail for permission problems
2010-06-16 Stephan Kulow[webui] no harm done without build cycles
2010-06-15 Thomas Schmidt[webui] fixed changing of attributes, gave the attribut...
2010-06-15 Michael Schroeder- forward in 8k chunks
2010-06-15 Adrian Schrötersupport server status in runlevel script "status" command
2010-06-15 Stephan Kulow[webui] missing paramters are not to be mailed
2010-06-14 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix live build log
2010-06-14 Stephan Kulow[webui] move the search field up without javascript too
2010-06-14 Stephan Kulow[webui] make sure to verify parameters
2010-06-14 Stephan Kulow[webui] add google verifcation
2010-06-14 Adrian Schröterdo not overwrite target project name on branch call...
2010-06-14 Adrian Schröteradd hint for using database.yml.example
2010-06-14 Adrian Schröterups wrong IP
2010-06-14 Adrian Schröterfix forum link.
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulow[webui] another fix for repository state - this time...
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulowupdate to fixed version
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulow[webui] do not mess with headers ;(
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulow[api] fix flag defaults
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulow[webui] fix repository state page
2010-06-10 Adrian Schröteroptimize data collection for repository state page.
2010-06-10 Adrian Schröterdeploy 2.0 branch, not master
2010-06-10 Adrian Schröterrecreate signd config when appliance got updated. 2.0.0
2010-06-09 Adrian Schröterdo not use virtualization, if mkinitrd fails
2010-06-09 Stephan Kulowtriggers are twice on the page, so use class instead...
2010-06-09 Adrian Schröterupdate release notes
2010-06-08 Martin Mohringadded: release Notes from 1.8 branch
2010-06-08 Thomas Schmidt[webui] remove unused js libs
2010-06-08 Adrian Schröteravoid warning in non-pxe case
2010-06-08 Adrian Schröteremit explicit source service run after adding a new...
2010-06-08 Adrian Schröteradd api call to re-run source services at any time...
2010-06-08 Adrian Schröterfix listing of package source off packages on remote...
2010-06-07 Adrian Schrötersupport gpg key generation and signd setup for the... 1.9.92
2010-06-07 Adrian Schröterups, logfiles belong to lighttpd .... (thanks to Nikita...
2010-06-07 Adrian Schröterpoint to README files as usual
2010-06-07 Adrian Schröterremove bogus element from url.
2010-06-07 Adrian Schröterfix target url fopr download repository.