2008-11-20 Susanne Oberhauser- dropped outdated python script (superceeded by ruby... 1.0
2008-11-18 Susanne Oberhauser(no commit message)
2008-11-18 Susanne Oberhauser- remove further rpmlint errors
2008-11-18 Susanne Oberhauserfix the package for Factory
2008-11-18 Susanne Oberhauser- fix distribute so it ignores subdirectories, e.g...
2008-11-10 Susanne Oberhauser- include bs_productconvert script
2008-11-10 Susanne Oberhauser- only one version of rails is needed for 1.0 webclient...
2008-10-20 Susanne Oberhauser- satisfy rpmlint so it only warns and no longer fails
2008-10-17 Susanne Oberhauser- This version finally builds again, but rpmlint still...
2008-10-17 Susanne Oberhauser- add maintenance mode (no updated tar ball any more...
2008-10-17 Susanne Oberhauser- prepare obs 1.0->1.0.1 update:
2008-10-16 Susanne Oberhauser- undo broken workaround to svn diff -c4481
2008-10-09 Andreas Bauer- make sure webclient uses rails 1.2.6
2008-07-18 Andreas Bauer- fixed constant test
2008-07-18 Andreas Bauer- workaround for buggy constant test
2008-07-08 Adrian Schröterbackport michaels fix to workaround api download proble...
2008-07-08 Andreas Bauer- removed hardcoded links to
2008-07-07 Adrian Schröter- backport patch creation fix to avoid missing reposito...
2008-07-07 Adrian Schröterfix description
2008-07-07 Adrian Schröter1.0.0 version
2008-07-04 Adrian Schröterremove old warning
2008-07-02 Adrian Schröterfix download link URLs
2008-06-25 Andreas Bauer- show password change fields in admin area when using...
2008-06-24 Andreas Bauerremoved link to new repo page for 1.0 release
2008-06-24 Adrian Schrötercreate 1.0 branch from 1.0RC1 release (0.9.99 tag)
2008-06-11 Adrian Schrötertagging 1.0rc1
2008-06-11 Adrian Schröteradd empty definition for DOWNLOAD_URL to avoid crashes.
2008-06-11 Adrian Schrötermake download url configurable to avoid hardcoded serve...
2008-06-10 Robert Lihmremoved li on wrong position
2008-06-10 Robert Lihmadded a link to forums.o.o
2008-06-09 Adrian Schrötersecond 50% of debuginfo default handling. Going back...
2008-06-09 Adrian Schröterset default for debuginfo flag to false.
2008-06-09 Michael Schröder- fix link copy issues
2008-06-07 Michael Schröder- no re-exports, please
2008-06-07 Michael Schröder- do not export to myself
2008-06-07 Michael Schröder- fix exportfilter regexp, grrr
2008-06-06 Michael Schröder- support exportfilter
2008-06-06 Michael Schröder- return srclink errors as logfile if the package is...
2008-06-06 Adrian Schröterfix user changes for own user again.
2008-06-06 Adrian Schröterremove default rpm spec file template, we have the...
2008-06-06 Adrian Schröterfix debuginfo flag handling #397077
2008-06-06 Adrian SchröterFix handling of debuginfo flags. The backend used ...
2008-06-05 Michal MarekMake the WizardState class easier to use
2008-06-05 Michal Marekset the license tag
2008-06-05 Michal Marek- Write the spec file template in ERB. This allows...
2008-06-05 Adrian SchröterAllow the admin to create a new user via PUT. The user...
2008-06-04 Michael Schröder- oops, forgot 'svn del'
2008-06-04 Michael Schröder- delete some spaces to fit with rest of code
2008-06-04 Michael Schröder- notify BUILD_SUCCESS/FAIL in repserver
2008-06-04 Michael Schröder- no hermes in the worker!
2008-06-03 Martin Mohring- packages also the hermes code in the spec file
2008-06-03 Martin Mohring- added the hermes code
2008-06-03 Martin Mohring- currently, hermes is not part of the configured obs...
2008-06-03 Martin Mohring- the worker references hermes class, so worker needs...
2008-06-03 Klaas Freitag- First Hermes notifications added to srcserver and...
2008-06-03 Michael Schröder- special hack to make Peter's life easier
2008-06-03 Michal Marek- wrap the description in the generated spec file
2008-06-03 Michal Mareklinkify the legends
2008-06-03 Marcus Schaeffer- update manual page
2008-06-02 Martin Mohring- fixed .spec file to handle spec file wizard files
2008-06-02 Michal MarekAdded an experimental wizard controler to the frontend...
2008-05-30 Marcus Hüwefixed warning
2008-05-29 Adrian SchröterAgenda -> Legend
2008-05-29 Adrian Schröteradd more states
2008-05-29 Adrian Schröteradd agenda for the build states.
2008-05-29 Adrian Schröteractivate _link creation on api call again
2008-05-29 Adrian Schröter* rename "nodevelproject" switch to "ignoredevel" in...
2008-05-29 Michael Schröder- don't use a specific receiver
2008-05-29 Michael Schröder- integrate patch from klaas
2008-05-29 Dirk Muellerthe create user variant didn't work for me
2008-05-29 Adrian Schröteradd openSUSE:11.0 project
2008-05-28 Dirk Muelleradd missing flush to setup
2008-05-28 Michael Schröder- fix mkdir regexp
2008-05-28 Dirk Stoeckeradded sorting
2008-05-28 Marcus Hüwedisplay packages which name contains only a single...
2008-05-28 Adrian Schröterfix file deletion in _link files
2008-05-28 Adrian Schröterfix support for file removal in _link files
2008-05-27 Michael Schröder- move empty lookat check a bit up
2008-05-27 Andreas Bauer- minor bugfixes in backend lib
2008-05-27 Andreas Bauer- return branch project in response xml after branching
2008-05-27 Adrian Schröterfix admin check for user data changes
2008-05-26 Dirk Stoeckersort RPM binaries
2008-05-25 Marcus Hüweuse the correct RAILS_ENV when running the import script
2008-05-23 Martin Mohring- exchanged dpkg package by deb package provided by...
2008-05-23 Robert LihmBug 388045 - changed link of 'Writing speck Files'
2008-05-23 Marcus Schaeffer- new oem-recovery element
2008-05-21 Michael Schröder- finally implement some sensible prp todo list management
2008-05-21 Marcus Schaeffer- added kiwirevision and id attributes to <image> tag
2008-05-21 Andreas Bauermake sure map is called on an array, not on a string...
2008-05-20 Andreas Bauer- sort build status table by repository name
2008-05-20 Marcus Hüwe- fix bug #391189
2008-05-20 Michael Schröder- require Exporter
2008-05-20 Andreas Baueradded docs for pubkey handling and branch command
2008-05-20 Andreas Bauer- disallow deletion of projects used as develprojects
2008-05-20 Klaas Freitag- added a data element to transport result data, restri...
2008-05-19 Martin Mohring- added obs-server-test.spec to build osc, build, obs...
2008-05-19 Martin Mohring- update obs-server-svn package to svn trunc -r 3996
2008-05-19 Marcus Schaeffer- new oem tags
2008-05-19 Andreas Bauer- order path elements by position (#366831)
2008-05-17 Adrian Schröteradd Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 9