2009-11-06 Marcus Rueckert- dont use ~> 2.0! it will break if the user got a... 1.5
2009-03-30 Michael Schröder- backport str2hdr and fd2hdr functions
2009-03-24 Adrian Schröterbackpot fix for conflicting class names
2009-03-23 Adrian Schröteradd 1.5.1 release notes
2009-03-23 Andreas Bauer- fix for the Array.count bug that caused permission...
2009-03-23 Michael Schröder- keep :depends info of disabled packages
2009-03-19 Susanne Oberhauser- fix sysconfig template to no longer override user...
2009-03-18 Susanne OberhauserMerged revisions 6862 via svnmerge from
2009-03-16 Andreas Bauer- updated hermes connector
2009-03-12 Michael Schröder- forward _meta read requests to remote server
2009-02-27 Michael Schröder- backport the other part of the relsync fix
2009-02-27 Lars Vogdt* fix relsync handling, support the tag defined in...
2009-02-24 Adrian Schröterset requirement to RoR 2.1.2
2009-02-24 Lars Vogdtallow product version scheme independent from internal...
2009-02-24 Michael Schröder- disable DOD by default (security)
2009-02-23 Adrian Schröterdo not extend LABEL string anymore and drop additional...
2009-02-23 Adrian Schröterupdate release notes
2009-02-23 Adrian Schröterswitch to final 1.5
2009-02-23 Adrian Schröter* fix handling of spec file generation with template...
2009-02-20 Adrian Schröterget sure that info dir gets created on startup
2009-02-20 Adrian Schröterbackport the downloadserver reporting for "osc build"
2009-02-16 Adrian Schröterfix runtime error introduced in last commit.
2009-02-16 Adrian Schröter* revert disttag support
2009-02-11 Adrian Schröterfix ignore setting
2009-02-11 Adrian Schröterexport of disttag definitions to prod file, to be used...
2009-02-10 Adrian Schröteradd example for dispatcher priorities
2009-02-09 Adrian SchröterAdd build instance setting option.
2009-02-09 Adrian Schröterbackport disttag support
2009-02-06 Christoph Thielbackport image repack support to 1.5
2009-02-06 Adrian Schröteradd support for more imaging formats (patch by Christop...
2009-02-06 Adrian Schröterfix architecture handling for kiwi product buildinfo
2009-01-30 Adrian Schrötersupport release number and patch level replacement...
2009-01-27 Adrian SchröterBackport more fixes
2009-01-26 Adrian Schröterimport Martins fixes to work with correct directory...
2009-01-26 Adrian SchröterImport fixes from mls and Martin for 1.5 release.
2009-01-23 Adrian Schröteradd $null
2009-01-23 Adrian Schröterreimport the reload) call
2009-01-23 Susanne Oberhauser- prepare for rc2
2009-01-23 Adrian Schröterimport init script fixes from Rudi, Marcus and Martin.
2009-01-23 Susanne OberhauserSwitching to "", available from subversion...
2009-01-23 Adrian Schröter* take over all changes from trunk for backend.
2009-01-23 Adrian Schrötersvn merge -cr5929,5933
2009-01-23 Adrian Schrötersvn merge -cr5924,5925
2009-01-23 Adrian Schrötersvn merge -cr5913,5916
2009-01-23 Susanne OberhauserAs the svn server is pre 1.5, here is the manual merge...
2009-01-23 Susanne Oberhausersvn merge -cr6089
2009-01-23 Susanne Oberhausersvn merge -cr6011
2009-01-23 Susanne Oberhausersvn merge -cr6008,r6010
2009-01-23 Susanne Oberhausersvn merge -cr5950
2009-01-23 Susanne Oberhausersvn merge -cr5902
2009-01-23 Susanne Oberhausersvn merge -cr5901
2008-12-15 Susanne Oberhauser- clean up package build
2008-12-15 Susanne Oberhauser- fix sle10 builds (fdupes was later)
2008-12-12 Susanne Oberhauser- it's obs-api, not obs-webclient.
2008-12-12 Susanne Oberhauser- add ReleaseNotes-1.5 file
2008-12-12 Susanne Oberhauser- get bs_productconvert search path fix (bnc#458309)
2008-12-12 Susanne Oberhauser- create branch for 1.5 release
2008-11-28 Susanne Oberhauser- fixed stale tar file removal
2008-11-28 Susanne Oberhauser- include mhuewe's Meta handling
2008-11-28 Susanne Oberhauser- use 'active_support' to get 'builder'
2008-11-28 Adrian Schröterhave all architectures in medium name
2008-11-27 Marcus Hüwe- remove cruft from last commit
2008-11-27 Marcus Hüwe- minor fixes to make download on demand working again
2008-11-27 Martin Mohring- fixed: distribute script with .distrc.template
2008-11-27 Martin Mohring- fixed: distribute script with .distrc.template
2008-11-27 Susanne Oberhauser- fix version handling in stale tar ball removal
2008-11-27 Susanne Oberhauser- prepare pacakge update to 1.5
2008-11-27 Michael Schröder- make downloadondemand feature not that intrusive:
2008-11-27 Michael Schröder- added meta parser
2008-11-27 Adrian Schröterignore name and priority for repos, but handle prio...
2008-11-27 Martin Mohring- adding download on demand feature to svn trunk
2008-11-26 Martin Mohring- update: due to Download on Demand feature, build...
2008-11-26 Marcus Hüwe- adding download on demand feature to svn trunk (as...
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- make last change a bit bitter
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- exclude excluded packages from pkg2src hash
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- publish .raw files
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- oops, no verifyer
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- set _project macro
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- add _jobhistory routes
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- update jobhistory layout
2008-11-26 Michael Schröder- split jobhistory file into projects
2008-11-25 Michael Schröder- no undef bininfo
2008-11-25 Michael Schröder- fix reason code
2008-11-25 Michael Schröder- use kiwi parser from Build package
2008-11-25 Michael Schröder- use kiwi parser from Build package
2008-11-24 Lars Vogdt- convert more relationship flags for products
2008-11-24 Michael Schröder- exclude .bininfo and reason when publishing
2008-11-24 Michael Schröder- fix undef warnings
2008-11-24 Adrian Schröter* reimport change to add implicit release packages.
2008-11-23 Adrian Schröterand the other place.
2008-11-23 Adrian SchröterThese are the moments, where one hate open source ...
2008-11-23 Adrian Schröter* fix an Oops (aka stupid typo in mls language) in...
2008-11-23 Adrian Schröteradd some information line to be consistent
2008-11-23 Adrian Schröterstore last check time also when processed reguraly.
2008-11-23 Adrian Schröter* Make it possible to define a max timeout for single...
2008-11-23 Adrian Schröterforgot another place
2008-11-23 Adrian Schröterfix template if no betaversion is defined
2008-11-22 Martin Mohring- added: missing last parts of Cross Development support
2008-11-21 Lars Vogdt- added convertRelationship()
2008-11-21 Adrian Schröterfix my broken code from before :(