2009-11-06 Marcus Rueckert- dont use ~> 2.1! it breaks when the user got newer... 1.6
2009-06-10 Lars Vogdt- backport watchremote fix
2009-05-27 Adrian Schröterbackport typo fix from mls
2009-05-12 Lars Vogdt- backport findfile() change from HEAD
2009-05-12 Adrian Schröterrestore last succeeded logfile on "unchanged" built...
2009-04-30 Lars Vogdt- use the correct pubkey, needs support for '-p' option.
2009-04-30 Lars Vogdt- added localtime to output, use BSConfig::gpg_standard...
2009-04-28 Adrian Schröterbackport fix from mls escape % chars correctly
2009-04-24 Adrian Schröteradd exampel to enable DoD
2009-04-24 Adrian Schröter* fix missing "use BSVerify"
2009-04-24 Adrian Schröter* Don't delete package data from depends
2009-04-23 Adrian Schröteradd repairlink features to Release Notes
2009-04-23 Adrian Schrötercreate 1.6 branch from current trunk
2009-04-22 Cornelius SchumacherAdd comment about generator in generated file.
2009-04-22 Cornelius SchumacherFind ruby files without requiring RUBYPATH.
2009-04-22 Andreas Bauer- documentation for deleteuploadrev command
2009-04-22 Andreas Bauer- reject PUT on package directory
2009-04-22 Andreas Bauer- added deleteuploadrev command
2009-04-22 Michael Schröder- support linkrev=base
2009-04-22 Andreas Bauer- added commitfilelist command
2009-04-22 Martin Mohring- fixed: files section of build
2009-04-22 Martin Mohring- changed: build has now make install target
2009-04-22 Martin Mohring- added: new killchroot script in build
2009-04-21 Michael Schröder- add experimental "linkrev" support
2009-04-21 Adrian Schrötersupport media name fallback, if no name is given in...
2009-04-21 Adrian Schröteradd deep check of projects option
2009-04-20 Adrian Schröterpoint people to their home projects more directly.
2009-04-19 Marcus Hüwe- fixed bug which was introduced in r7096
2009-04-19 Martin Mohring- added: standard native scheduler
2009-04-17 Martin Mohring- added: new files in build script get now packaged
2009-04-17 Martin Mohring- fixed: .deb style multiarch Packages file generation...
2009-04-17 Adrian Schröterallow specification of different target project/package...
2009-04-16 Andreas Bauer- allow file listings for packages of remote projects
2009-04-16 Marcus Hüwe- getprojpack():
2009-04-15 Andreas Bauer- commited the rails2.2+ruby1.8.7+obs permission workar...
2009-04-14 Adrian Schröteradd missing %end
2009-04-14 Adrian Schröterset default architectures to i586 and x86_64 only
2009-04-11 Martin Mohring- updated: schedulers list updated
2009-04-11 Marcus Hüwe- simplify...
2009-04-10 Marcus Hüwe- fix for the debuginfo stuff
2009-04-09 Andreas Bauer- pass repairlink parameter on commits
2009-04-08 Martin Mohringadded: new cross build virtual machine build script
2009-04-08 Adrian Schröteradd Release Note informations
2009-04-07 Adrian Schröterimplement clone repository call.
2009-04-06 Andreas Bauer- support devel/@project xpath expression in package...
2009-03-27 Michael Schröder- activate better link merging code
2009-03-24 Adrian Schröteradd SLES 11
2009-03-24 Marcus Hüwe- another small fix for #487400
2009-03-24 Marcus Hüwe- added some fine granularity to enabled().
2009-03-24 Adrian Schrötermake excluded description more correct
2009-03-23 Andreas Bauer- removed obsolete settings for Admin user
2009-03-22 Martin Mohring- changed: now the template is more an example file...
2009-03-22 Martin Mohring- added: another ARM processor rpm file prefix used...
2009-03-22 Martin Mohring- fixed: template overwrite also now fixed in test...
2009-03-20 Adrian Schröter* add bugzilla links to package pages as well
2009-03-20 Adrian Schröteradd link for bugreports
2009-03-19 Susanne Oberhauser- fix sysconfig template to no longer override user...
2009-03-18 Susanne Oberhauser- Be a tad more accepting to different rails patchlevels.
2009-03-16 Andreas Bauer- deferred loading of repository build status
2009-03-16 Andreas Bauer- css for subprojects section
2009-03-16 Andreas Bauer- subproject list in project page
2009-03-16 Andreas Bauer- removed return_empty_node call
2009-03-16 Andreas Bauer- updated hermes connector
2009-03-12 Andreas Bauer- renamed pass_to_source to pass_to_backend
2009-03-12 Michael Schröder- do not remove comments from buggy code...
2009-03-12 Michael Schröder- support for extramacros
2009-03-12 Adrian Schröter* add EC2 key values
2009-03-11 Marcus Hüwe- some fixes for the deletion of maintainers and bugowners:
2009-03-11 Marcus Hüwe- fixed #482620: list_my: don't fail if the user has...
2009-03-11 Adrian SchröterAdapt to new kiwi, expecting the packages in Proj:ect...
2009-03-10 Adrian Schröterexport md5 files beside iso files as well
2009-03-10 Marcus Hüwe- fix for #479547 and #345429: if no repos are defined...
2009-03-10 Andreas Bauer- link to statistics page removed temporarily until...
2009-03-09 Martin Mohring- fixed: rubygem-builder requirement not needed with...
2009-03-07 Martin Mohring- fixed typo
2009-03-06 Adrian Schrötersupport for new KIWI tags
2009-03-04 Michael Schröder- fix error message if config is bad
2009-02-28 Martin Mohring- fixed typo introduced in -r 6486. bs_repserver should...
2009-02-27 Adrian Schröterfix my broken english, thanks to Will for this (#480015)
2009-02-27 Martin Mohring- fixed: osc now has a URL with protocol prefix for...
2009-02-26 Adrian Schröteravoid forever hanging worker processes on broken system...
2009-02-25 Andreas Bauer- use https version of static.o.o
2009-02-25 Andreas Bauer- use https version of static.o.o
2009-02-25 Michael Schröder- add str2hdr and fd2hdr helpers for faking HTTP connec...
2009-02-25 Marcus Hüwe- skip set_return_to on logout:
2009-02-25 Michael Schröder- fix relsync pool code
2009-02-24 Adrian Schröterset requirement to RoR 2.1.2
2009-02-23 Adrian Schröterhardcoded kiwi version at this place, it is anyway...
2009-02-23 Adrian SchröterUse LABEL as plain summary, skip SUMMARY
2009-02-23 Adrian Schröter* fix handling of products with template file
2009-02-22 Marcus Hüwe- downloadurl should be optional
2009-02-22 Marcus Hüwe- arghs committed too much... (removed debug statement)
2009-02-22 Marcus Hüwe- fall back to rundir
2009-02-21 Adrian Schröteradd "lastbuild" checkbox filter option
2009-02-20 Adrian Schröterget sure that info dir gets created on startup
2009-02-18 Michael Schröder- use rundir
2009-02-18 Michael Schröder- make BSConfig::relsync_pool a hash ref like the other...
2009-02-18 Michael Schröder- use rundir
2009-02-18 Michael Schröder- fall back to old rundir
2009-02-18 Michael Schröder- fall back to old rundir