last changeMon, 17 Oct 2011 13:46:06 +0000 (15:46 +0200)
2011-10-17 Michael Schroeder- support "any" in debian's dependency predicates master
2011-10-12 Adrian Schröter- add hook to run QA tests esp for post product builds
2011-10-10 Michael Schroederadd sles11sp2 config, hack autodetection to use it...
2011-10-06 Adrian Schröter- add armv5l, armv6l and armv7l architectures
2011-10-04 Adrian Schröter- call qemu via binfmt misc handler. This requires...
2011-10-01 Alexander GrafKVM: use cache= for non-virtio too
2011-10-01 Alexander GrafKVM: use cache=unsafe
2011-09-29 Dinar Valeevadd kvm for ppc64
2011-09-27 Adrian Schröter- set minimal mmap addr to 0 in VM
2011-09-26 Adrian Schröter- xen does not like : anymore
2011-09-26 Adrian Schröter- set cpuid correctly on KVM
2011-09-16 Adrian Schröter- fix lacking -32bit rpms on single arch medias
2011-08-15 Martin Mohring[build] copy qemus from server not for local build
2011-08-14 Martin Mohring[build] make sure local build works correctly when...
2011-08-11 Martin Mohring[build] reworked qemu init code. never mix up local...
2011-08-11 Martin Mohring[build] fix typo in qemu-reg
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8 years ago obs_2.0