- support "any" in debian's dependency predicates
[opensuse:build.git] / mkbaselibs
2010-08-12 Ruediger Oertelmkbaselibs: gracefully skip non-existing rpms
2010-01-05 Ludwig Nusseldon't hardcode /usr/src/packages, use tempfile instead
2009-12-08 Michael Schroeder- fix whitespace (revert large part of e7cba6)
2009-12-05 Pavol Rusnakfix whitespace
2009-09-15 David Greavesdpkg can't read a control file that ends with a blank...
2009-08-19 Martin Mohring-added: baselib support for dpkg based targets.
2008-11-13 Ruediger Oertelupdate mkbaselibs broken by previous debuginfo change
2008-10-21 Ruediger OertelGenerate debuginfo packages for baselibs (bnc #396196...
2008-05-21 Michael Schröder- update mkbaselibs to current version
2006-03-22 Michael Schröderour build.rpm with buildservice support