put focus von first combo
[opensuse:cvsstool.git] / src / main.c
2009-02-18 Ludwig Nusselput focus von first combo
2009-02-18 Ludwig Nusselhelptext on tabs
2009-02-18 Ludwig Nusselmore helptext
2009-02-18 Ludwig Nusseldynamic help text
2009-02-17 Ludwig Nusselconstruct comboboxes dynamically
2009-02-17 Ludwig Nusselsome renaming
2009-02-17 Ludwig Nusseluse new text buffer
2009-02-17 Ludwig Nusselfirst experiments with helptext
2009-02-16 Ludwig Nusseluse dialog instead of window
2009-02-16 Ludwig Nusseluse text entry instead of spin button for score
2009-02-11 Ludwig Nusselfinalize it
2009-02-11 Ludwig Nusseleven more features
2009-02-11 Ludwig Nusselmore features
2009-02-10 Ludwig Nusselstart