Fix handling of broken trees in incremental mode
[opensuse:expand-kernel-source.git] / expand-trees
2010-08-20 Michal MarekRun git gc --auto after each expanded tree
2010-08-19 Michal MarekFix for branches that contain only unpacked source...
2010-08-09 Michal Marekexpand-trees: Another fix for the 2.6.8-rcX workaround
2010-08-09 Michal Marekexpand-trees: Use the mainline-commit script
2010-08-09 Michal Marekexpand-trees: Fetch mainline and history tree before...
2010-08-09 Michal Marekexpand-trees: Fix for ambiguous v2.6.11 tag
2010-08-09 Michal MarekFix workaround for 2.6.8-rc* patches
2010-07-28 Michal MarekFix for .y in EXTRAVERSION
2010-07-27 Michal MarekWork around old patches that cripple EXTRAVERSION
2010-07-27 Michal MarekWork around odd difference between 2.6.7 tarball and...
2010-06-29 Michal MarekSort trees by their srcversion before expanding
2010-06-24 Michal MarekUse the guards script to filter series.conf
2010-06-23 Michal Marekexpand-trees: Ignore fancy expressions in EXTRAVERSION
2010-05-14 Michal Marekexpand-trees: Use a dummy tree if the series does not...
2010-05-14 Michal Marekexpand-trees: Fix --append if the branch does not exist
2010-05-14 Michal Marekexpand-trees: Cleanup the working directory when done
2010-05-13 Michal Marekexpand-trees: Add --append option
2010-05-10 Michal Marekexpand-commits -> expand-tree: work with tree objects...