2011-01-06 Adrian Schröterstrip XENID a bit more, the new xen tools would strip... master
2011-01-05 Michael Schroederremove exit marker in cleanup_and_exit
2011-01-05 Adrian Schröterxen.conf is not installable anymore
2011-01-05 Adrian Schröterand now without a security issue
2011-01-05 Adrian Schröterredo last commit with temporary xen.conf file. Get...
2011-01-05 Adrian Schröter* support parallel build with xen
2010-12-13 Ludwig Nusseldon't try to copy oldpackages inside vm
2010-12-10 Michael Schroeder- run createrepo with --simple-md-filenames if possible
2010-12-10 Michael Schroeder- also use -o when using bsdtar --chroot
2010-12-07 Michael Schroeder- use bsdtar if possible
2010-12-02 Michael Schroeder- support 'OTHER' filedrop area, remove ZIP and EXE...
2010-12-01 Michael Schroeder- make expanddeps use the highest version of a package...
2010-11-24 Ludwig Nusselremove .build.oldpackages if not used
2010-11-24 Ludwig Nusseldon't create deltas if build is same as before
2010-11-23 Adrian Schröterexport zip and exe files from cross built ms-windows...
2010-11-18 Adrian Schröteruse no-kvmclock. Time should be still consistent, maybe...
2010-11-18 Adrian Schröterdo not use "noapic" for kvm as recommended by Alex
2010-11-18 Adrian Schrötergive a better hint on using wrong kiwi repository path url
2010-11-11 Adrian Schröterinstall signdummy
2010-11-10 Michael Schroederadd workaround for Ubuntu 10 builds
2010-11-10 Michael Schroederallow x in abuild password field
2010-11-10 Michael Schroedermake "noclobber" message silent
2010-11-10 Michael Schroeder- remove useless ';'
2010-11-10 Adrian SchröterXEN is too broken to use tap:aio reliable :/
2010-11-10 Adrian SchröterXEN: switch from using phy: to tap:aio: to improve...
2010-11-02 Ludwig Nusselunlink correct file
2010-10-29 Ludwig Nusselthrow away deltas bigger than 80% of the reference
2010-10-27 Ludwig Nusseluse '.drpm' suffix instead of '.delta.rpm'
2010-10-27 Ludwig Nusselrename makedeltarpms -> mkdrpms
2010-10-26 Michael Schroeder- fix xml parsing, allow to put strings in single quote
2010-10-21 Adrian Schrötersilence
2010-10-14 Adrian Schröteradd fallback archs to exclusive archs on product buildi...
2010-10-07 Martin Mohring[initscript_qemu_vm] the exec call could fail thus...
2010-10-06 Martin Mohring[initscript_qemu_vm]: support also sh4 QEMU registratio...
2010-10-05 Martin Mohring[computeblocklists]: ioctl FIGETBSZ are not the same...
2010-09-28 James Perkinsbuild: correct disk image file creation, it was one...
2010-09-21 Michael Schroeder- add rpm-x86 hack for cross builds. will be removed...
2010-09-21 Michael SchroederRevert "[build] Add cb(pre)ignore capabilities to build...
2010-09-21 Jan-Simon Möller[build] Add cb(pre)ignore capabilities to build. Remove...
2010-09-20 Ludwig Nusselinstall makedeltarpms script too
2010-09-20 Ludwig Nusselalso support https download
2010-09-20 Ludwig Nusselintroduce dist_canon() in
2010-09-20 Michael Schroederrpm is in (8), not (1).
2010-09-16 Michael Schroeder- add secret --signdummy option
2010-09-16 Marcus Huewe- use a more precise tmpfile name (so that osc can...
2010-09-07 Adrian Schröterand revert the last two commits again to keep output...
2010-09-07 Adrian Schrötersparse is not supported by bzip2, just by tar
2010-09-06 Adrian Schröteruse sparse option when bzip2 raw files (patch by cthiel)
2010-08-26 Michael Schroeder- detect multiversion specfiles
2010-08-23 Martin Mohringfixed: mips and mipsel cross build support with QEMU
2010-08-19 Marcus Huewe- commit darix' fix (missing "test" statement)
2010-08-12 Ruediger Oertelmkbaselibs: gracefully skip non-existing rpms
2010-08-04 Michael Schroeder- substitute <RELEASE> even if no release is specified
2010-08-02 Ludwig Nusselmake guessed BUILD_DIST available inside init_buildsystem
2010-08-02 Ludwig Nusselallow spaces in susetags repos too
2010-08-02 Ludwig Nusseldetect zypp repo cache changes
2010-08-02 Ludwig Nusselretry redirected downloads
2010-08-02 Ludwig Nusselhandle spaces and utf8 in file names of zypp repos...
2010-07-28 Michael Schroeder- document --repo and --dist
2010-07-27 Henne Vogelsangfix links that point to the wiki
2010-07-23 Michael Schroeder- do not strip filedeps in readdeps clone
2010-07-23 Michael Schroeder- do not strip file deps in readdeps()
2010-07-23 Michael Schroeder- do not add files to provides to stay compatible to...
2010-07-23 Michael Schroeder- use 3-arg form for open calls
2010-07-23 Michael Schroeder- allow urls with missing trailing /
2010-07-23 Michael Schroeder- fix distribution autodetection code
2010-07-22 Michael Schroeder- unlink download destination before doing the download
2010-07-21 David GreavesWhen creating a Xen worker/chroot XMROOT/XMSWAP need...
2010-07-21 Michael Schroeder- add support for FileProvides: config option
2010-07-07 Adrian Schröterpoint also to broken perl in case of "no build status...
2010-06-30 Ludwig Nusselexport BUILD_DEBUG so rpmlint can check for it (bnc...
2010-06-29 Michael Schroeder- add 11.3 config
2010-06-29 Michael Schroeder- do not use +=, older bash versions do not support it
2010-06-28 Adrian SchröterThe ovf file is useless alone, package it as part of...
2010-06-28 Adrian Schröter* fix repo creation in --noinit case
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nusseldon't automatically install build-compare
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nusselallow multiple --oldpackages
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nusseldelta rpm support
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nusselalternative to same result exit 2 hack
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nusselallow to query all tags
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nusseldon't set default repo inside vm
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nusselrename
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nusselbetter readability
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nusseldon't pass -smp to kvm if $BUILD_JOBS is set due to...
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nussel-serial stdio is redundant for kvm (bnc#617123)
2010-06-21 Adrian Schrötermake sha256sum run optional, old systems like SLE 10...
2010-06-17 Michael Schroeder- fix parsing of macros that contain {} blocks
2010-06-14 Michael Schroeder- support xz decoder helper script
2010-06-14 Michael Schroeder- don't substitute in lines with %(), the parser cannot...
2010-06-10 Adrian Schröterrun kvm instance with the right number of cpus accordin...
2010-05-29 Adrian Schröterfix rename of _service files obs_2.0
2010-05-28 Adrian Schröterrename _service file in target source dir and not in...
2010-05-28 Cristian Rodríguez- use the "noop" elevator on virtual machines
2010-05-28 Cristian Rodríguezbuild starts at localtime but finishes at UTC
2010-05-27 Adrian Schröterwe do not have implemented kiwi result file parsers...
2010-05-07 Adrian Schröterkill a possible existing xen instance first
2010-05-04 Ludwig Nusselupdate test
2010-05-04 Ludwig Nusselsome refactoring
2010-05-04 Ludwig Nusseldon't use chown -R
2010-05-04 Ludwig Nusselunify chown calls