HasRun signal
[opensuse:fwzs.git] / fwzsd.py
2011-09-29 Ludwig NusselHasRun signal
2011-09-29 Ludwig Nusselnotify zone changes
2011-09-29 Ludwig Nusselfix device watching
2011-09-29 Ludwig Nusselinhibit timer if NM is being watched
2011-09-29 Ludwig Nusselnetworkmanager watcher
2011-09-29 Joe Sixpackraise exception if no polkit auth
2011-09-29 Joe Sixpacksystemd fix
2011-04-27 Ludwig Nusselbetter status detection
2011-04-27 Ludwig Nusselchange pretty names of zones
2011-04-27 Ludwig Nusselfix exception caused by custom zones
2010-06-18 Ludwig Nusselfix setZone callback
2010-06-18 Ludwig NusselMerge branch 'polkit1'
2009-09-30 Ludwig Nusselexit the daemon after 60s inactivity if no client connected
2009-09-30 Ludwig Nusselseparate dbus interface from backend
2009-09-30 Ludwig Nusselpolkit1 support
2009-08-27 Ludwig Nusselbetter icon handling
2009-08-26 Ludwig Nusselbetter layout
2009-08-26 Ludwig Nusseltell daemon about locale
2009-08-25 Ludwig Nusselgettext support
2009-08-25 Ludwig Nusselfirst shot at PolicyKit support
2009-08-21 Ludwig Nusseluse different colored icons to show status
2009-07-10 Ludwig Nusseladd gpl headers
2009-07-10 Ludwig Nusselbetter error handling
2009-07-10 Ludwig Nusselshow message if no zones or interfaces are available
2009-07-09 Ludwig Nusseluse baseclass to allow other implementations
2009-07-09 Ludwig Nusselstart