2001-09-19 Steffen WinterfeldtThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag installation-images_1_97
2001-09-19 Steffen Winterfeldt- removed references to bdflush: package deleted
2001-09-18 Steffen Winterfeldt- nfs-server: /var/state/nfs -> /var/lib/nfs
2001-09-18 Steffen Winterfeldt- prepare to build initrd with ext2 on ia32
2001-09-17 Olaf Heringhandle PReP zImage in yast1 post install
2001-09-13 Steffen Winterfeldt- ia64 modules are in initrd
2001-09-12 Steffen Winterfeldt- ia64 wants modules now
2001-09-11 Steffen Winterfeldt- stop sshd
2001-09-11 Steffen Winterfeldt- really use pcmcia-external modules
2001-09-11 Susanne Oberhauser- added handling of relative paths
2001-09-11 Susanne Oberhauser- use netsetup-generated info for yast2
2001-09-11 Susanne Oberhauser- synched with 7.2-s390 netsetup
2001-09-11 Susanne Oberhauser- replaced redirection via shellscript by redirection...
2001-09-10 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-09-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- added checkproc
2001-09-10 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-09-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- fixed typo
2001-09-09 Steffen Winterfeldt- work with gfxboot-1.4
2001-09-09 Steffen Winterfeldt- renamed: suseinstall -> suselogo
2001-09-07 Susanne Oberhauser- fixed syslogd check
2001-09-07 Susanne Oberhauser- fixed VERBOSE option for execcmd
2001-09-07 Susanne Oberhauser- s390: added /etc/login.defs, /bin/date
2001-09-07 Susanne Oberhauser- added noise for the impatient
2001-09-06 Susanne Oberhauser- replaced hard coded shared object version numbers...
2001-09-06 Susanne Oberhauser- added /usr/bin/top
2001-09-06 Susanne Oberhauser- added absolute path within $INSTSYS to lndir call
2001-09-06 Susanne Oberhauser- added $CONDOM which can be used to do as-if
2001-09-06 Susanne Oberhauser- added a lot of extra_inodes for the symlinks from...
2001-09-06 Susanne Oberhauser- merged in fixes from 7.2-s390
2001-09-06 Susanne Oberhauser- be less noisy
2001-09-05 Susanne Oberhausersped up finding and analysis of ELF object files by...
2001-09-05 Steffen Winterfeldt- fixed typo
2001-09-05 Steffen Winterfeldt- parted has moved
2001-09-04 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-09-04 Steffen Winterfeldt- Remove more modules on SPARC
2001-09-04 Steffen Winterfeldt- added tulip module to module2 disk
2001-09-04 Steffen Winterfeldt- added root password
2001-09-01 Olaf Heringadjust path: /mnt/bin/addSystemMap
2001-09-01 Olaf Heringfix typo
2001-08-31 Olaf Heringadd and info for ppc iseries
2001-08-31 Olaf Heringadd info for /suse/inst-sys/info
2001-08-31 Olaf Heringadd for yast1 post install on iseries
2001-08-31 Olaf Heringadd PReP Series E to setclock to avoid hwclock hang
2001-08-31 Olaf Heringdisable hang in hwclock on dual MTX
2001-08-31 Olaf Heringadd poeml ssh key
2001-08-31 Steffen Winterfeldt- remove /etc/fstab (yast1 doesn't like it)
2001-08-30 Steffen Winterfeldt- linuxrc can now work as a ps-like command
2001-08-30 Steffen Winterfeldt- remove 3.3.6 X server for SPARC, 4.1.0 works for...
2001-08-30 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-08-30 Steffen Winterfeldt- when will non-ia32 archs ever use modules???
2001-08-29 Steffen Winterfeldt- bootdisk: kernel from k_inst, modules from k_deflt
2001-08-29 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-08-29 Steffen Winterfeldt- re-added usb-storage to boot disks
2001-08-29 Steffen Winterfeldt- root image does no longer depend on initrd
2001-08-29 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-08-29 Steffen Winterfeldt- added vmstat
2001-08-28 Steffen Winterfeldt- added fs modules to rescue system
2001-08-28 Steffen Winterfeldt- use only some files fom /usr/lib/gconv
2001-08-28 Steffen Winterfeldt- create a new modules.dep at the start of the installation
2001-08-27 Steffen Winterfeldt- added ext3.o
2001-08-27 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-08-27 Steffen Winterfeldt- added jfs.o
2001-08-27 Steffen Winterfeldt- no need_modules_disk if 'extramod' is used
2001-08-27 Steffen Winterfeldt- add a single module via 'extramod'
2001-08-27 Steffen Winterfeldt- sshd start can be turned off using 'nosshd' at boot...
2001-08-24 Steffen Winterfeldt- fixed typo
2001-08-22 Steffen Winterfeldt- re-added gconv directory
2001-08-20 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-08-20 Steffen Winterfeldt- adapt to aaa_dir changes
2001-08-20 Steffen Winterfeldt- added awk (needed by mk_initrd)
2001-08-20 Steffen Winterfeldt- accidentally disabled pts mount
2001-08-20 Steffen Winterfeldt- temporarily removed usb-storage
2001-08-20 Steffen Winterfeldt- updated doc
2001-08-20 Steffen Winterfeldt- removed obsolete *.file_list
2001-08-17 Susanne Oberhauser- remove empty directories in s390 initrd, to cut down...
2001-08-17 Susanne Oberhauser- added fine point to 'E' description
2001-08-17 Susanne Oberhauser- s390: remove empty directories in the initrd, so...
2001-08-16 Steffen Winterfeldt- fixed typo
2001-08-16 Steffen Winterfeldt- moved some things around
2001-08-16 Steffen Winterfeldt- don't put avoid CVS directories into inst-sys
2001-08-16 Susanne Oberhauser- symlinks from ramdisk to instsys are now created...
2001-08-15 Susanne Oberhauser- added data/root/usr/bin/conservative_lndir
2001-08-15 Susanne Oberhauser- added nfs-utils
2001-08-15 Olaf Heringadded fehr to authorized_keys
2001-08-15 Steffen Winterfeldt- copy linuxrc.s390
2001-08-14 Susanne Oberhausers390: initrd booting, ssh login possible, netsetup...
2001-08-14 Susanne Oberhauserinitrd booting, ssh login possible, netsetup working
2001-08-13 Steffen Winterfeldt- added jfsprogs to inst-sys & rescue
2001-08-13 Susanne Oberhausermade inst_setup s390 compatible
2001-08-12 Olaf Heringexport Y2DEBUG=1 when sshd runs
2001-08-10 Susanne Oberhausernetsetup is working now :)
2001-08-10 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2001-08-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- added 'failsafe' boot menu entry
2001-08-10 Olaf Heringupdate inst_setup, run sshd only when /proc/net/dev...
2001-08-10 Olaf Heringupdate Changelog, version 1.78
2001-08-10 Olaf Heringadd missing root/.vimrc
2001-08-10 Olaf Heringadded new files for ssh login into the inst-sys
2001-08-10 Olaf Heringupdate root.file_list
2001-08-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- fixed typo
2001-08-09 Steffen Winterfeldt- moved it around