2004-05-24 Steffen WinterfeldtThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag installation-images-sl_9_1-5_58
2004-04-05 Steffen Winterfeldt- increased boot timeout to 20s (#38252)
2004-04-03 Steffen Winterfeldt- ne wmem limits
2004-04-03 Steffen Winterfeldt- added dm-* modules (#37289)
2004-04-02 Marcus Meissneradded iprutils for ppc
2004-04-02 Steffen Winterfeldt- added getcfg & create_interface (#35624)
2004-04-02 Mike FabianScript by Olaf Dabrunz <>
2004-04-01 Ulrich Hechtmake memory sanity check more dynamic (bug #21606)
2004-04-01 Steffen Winterfeldt- updated README/LIESMICH
2004-04-01 Ulrich Hechtaccept spaces in QETH channel list (bug #37058)
2004-04-01 Olaf Hering+ - add ipr to iseries initrd
2004-04-01 Steffen Winterfeldt- added getcfg & create_interface (#35624)
2004-04-01 Ulrich Hechts390: added initrd size to suse.ins*
2004-03-31 Steffen Winterfeldt- added more dm-* modules
2004-03-30 Olaf Hering+ - add icom serial driver to iseries initrd
2004-03-30 Ulrich Hecht - s390: added missing files from s390-tools
2004-03-29 Steffen Winterfeldt- added pmtools (#36818)
2004-03-25 Adrian Schroeterfix hostname determination
2004-03-25 Steffen Winterfeldt- chagned sshd message
2004-03-24 Steffen Winterfeldt- added pmtools
2004-03-24 Steffen Winterfeldt- fvwmrc now fvwmrc.notitle again
2004-03-23 Adrian Schroetermove VNC SLP anouncement to the right place
2004-03-23 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2004-03-23 Steffen Winterfeldt- added NoTitle to fvwmrc (#36488)
2004-03-23 Steffen Winterfeldt- added NoTitle to fvwmrc (#36488)
2004-03-23 Olaf Heringusing udev as hotplug helper
2004-03-22 Olaf Hering- replace tg3 with bcm5700 on pseries
2004-03-22 Steffen Winterfeldt- more space in rescue system
2004-03-18 Ulrich Hechts390: fix linuxrc automatic setup parameters (bug ...
2004-03-18 Ulrich Hechtadd 64-bit suse.ins.* files that do not mention S/390...
2004-03-18 Ulrich Hechtadd "NetConfig: static" to install.inf
2004-03-17 Ulrich Hecht(lukem)ftp _is_ needed
2004-03-17 Steffen Winterfeldt- new modules
2004-03-16 Steffen Winterfeldt- support sles9
2004-03-15 Steffen Winterfeldt- added sata driver
2004-03-15 Ulrich Hechtfixed missing NS problem (bug #35812)
2004-03-13 Olaf Hering+ - add usb and firewire to old pmac initrds...
2004-03-12 Ulrich Hechtlotsa s390 fixes
2004-03-11 Olaf Hering+ - add /lib/modules/<version>/extras to kernel...
2004-03-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- make slpd start
2004-03-10 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2004-03-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- new netsetup
2004-03-10 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2004-03-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- fpswa
2004-03-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- floppy module
2004-03-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- s390 things
2004-03-10 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2004-03-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- added vesa driver (x86-like archs only)
2004-03-08 Steffen Winterfeldt- added udp-receiver
2004-03-08 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2004-03-08 Steffen Winterfeldt- added yast2-s390
2004-03-08 Adrian Schroeternew mouse cursors
2004-03-08 Adrian Schroeterswitch to crystalwhite mouse cursor theme
2004-03-07 Olaf Hering+ - add,
2004-03-06 Olaf Hering+ - add hfs, hfs+ on ppc
2004-03-05 Olaf Hering+ - add /etc/bash.bashrc to ignore history dups
2004-03-05 Steffen Winterfeldt- added evms
2004-03-04 Olaf Hering+ - typo in ppc/bootinfo.txt (#35176)
2004-03-04 Olaf Hering+ - .bash_login: exit early on system console
2004-03-04 Steffen Winterfeldt- libkafs for s390
2004-03-02 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2004-03-02 Steffen Winterfeldt- added Home theme
2004-03-02 Adrian Schroeteruse thinkeramik as default qt style
2004-03-01 Steffen Winterfeldt- fixed for pre-4
2004-02-28 Olaf Hering+ - remove RhostsAuthentication from sshd_config
2004-02-28 Olaf Hering+ - add firmware_class to list of know modules
2004-02-28 Olaf Hering+ - add kernel/drivers/base/ to search list
2004-02-27 Steffen Winterfeldt- bk: s390 fixes
2004-02-26 Olaf Heringinclude autoload on ppc initrd
2004-02-26 Olaf Heringremove modprobe.conf again
2004-02-25 Olaf Heringmove modprobe.conf from initrd to inst-sys...
2004-02-25 Olaf Hering+ - add /etc/modprobe.conf to inst-sys
2004-02-23 Steffen Winterfeldt- ready for pre-3
2004-02-22 Olaf Hering+ - add bin/mk_ppc_installation-images_bootbinari...
2004-02-20 Olaf Hering+ - create /lib/modules/<version> if it does...
2004-02-18 Olaf Hering+ - update pseries64 initrd content, all scsi...
2004-02-18 Olaf Heringadd bin/
2004-02-18 Ulrich Hechtfinish 'em
2004-02-18 Ulrich Hechtupdated ChangeLog/VERSION
2004-02-18 Ulrich Hechtnew hardware configuration format for install.inf
2004-02-17 Andreas SchwabExplicitly load usb modules for manual install.
2004-02-17 Andreas SchwabAdd relocatable.
2004-02-17 Adrian Schroeteranounce VNC sessions via SLP
2004-02-16 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2004-02-16 Steffen Winterfeldt- fixed module setup
2004-02-16 Olaf Hering+ - add /usr/bin/stat to instsys on ppc
2004-02-16 Steffen Winterfeldt- removed obsolete ci_* scripts
2004-02-15 Olaf Heringupdate also base and rescue
2004-02-15 Olaf Hering+ - ps was splitted into procinfo, procps and...
2004-02-15 Olaf Hering+ - add gdb for the time being
2004-02-13 Olaf Heringsilly tar..
2004-02-13 Olaf Heringuse tar --bzip2 instead of tar -I
2004-02-13 Olaf Hering+ - add small initrd images for ppc:
2004-02-13 Olaf Heringrm etc/ppc_prep_makefile
2004-02-13 Olaf Heringremove etc/config.chrp.ikr etc/config.chrp64.ikr etc...
2004-02-11 Steffen Winterfeldt- libgcc in rescue system
2004-02-11 Andreas SchwabFix chown syntax.
2004-02-11 Steffen Winterfeldt- new modules
2004-02-10 Ulrich Hechtupdated changelog/version
2004-02-10 Ulrich Hechtadd missing libwrap