This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
[opensuse:installation-images.git] / data / initrd / s390 / linuxrc
2004-06-01 Steffen WinterfeldtThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag installation-images-sl_9_1-5_63
2004-04-01 Ulrich Hechtmake memory sanity check more dynamic (bug #21606)
2004-03-12 Ulrich Hechtlotsa s390 fixes
2004-02-02 Ulrich Hechtfixed memory sanity check for 2.6
2004-01-29 Ulrich Hechtmore 2.6 fixes for s390
2003-04-24 Steffen Winterfeldt- fix head/tail syntax
2002-11-26 Steffen Winterfeldt- merged with 8.1 tree
2002-09-05 Ihno Krumreich- modprobe in linuxrc to fix kmod problem
2002-09-02 Ihno Krumreich- removed hanging ping (-w-parameter)
2002-08-29 Ihno Krumreich- removed minor bugs from scrips
2002-08-26 Ihno Krumreich- extended create_interface to write hostname and resol...
2002-08-15 Ihno Krumreich - inst_source in sync with docu
2002-08-09 Ihno KrumreichCorrected motd and put inst_source in linuxrc
2002-07-31 Ihno Krumreich- added script for checking parmlineparameters
2002-07-22 Ihno Krumreich- correkted for preview 1
2002-07-22 Ihno KrumreichBeseitigung kleinerer Fehler.
2002-07-22 Susanne Oberhauser- s390: added movetotmpfs to /linuxrc script
2002-07-22 Ihno KrumreichLinuxrc und netsetup an /bin/linuxrc angepasst
2002-07-15 Ihno KrumreichS390/S390x Lists ajustet, scripts adaptet
2001-08-07 Susanne Oberhauseradded first shot of s390 specific changes