This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
[opensuse:installation-images.git] / data / root / etc / create_interface
2004-06-01 Steffen WinterfeldtThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag installation-images-sl_9_1-5_63
2004-04-01 Steffen Winterfeldt- added getcfg & create_interface (#35624)
2004-03-15 Ulrich Hechtfixed missing NS problem (bug #35812)
2004-03-10 Steffen Winterfeldt- s390 things
2003-12-03 Ulrich Hechtfixed permissions
2003-09-23 Steffen Winterfeldt- fixed cut-and-paste-programming error in create_inter...
2003-09-14 Steffen Winterfeldt*** empty log message ***
2003-08-01 Michal Svec- include UNIQUE id in the config file (#2573)
2002-11-26 Steffen Winterfeldt- merged with 8.1 tree
2002-09-18 Ihno Krumreich- added activation of network for s390/s390x
2002-09-13 Ihno Krumreich- Removed writing entries in chandev.log in create_inte...
2002-09-11 Ihno Krumreich- changed parmline for installation boot
2002-09-06 Ihno Krumreich- Corrected data/root/etc/create_interface
2002-08-26 Ihno Krumreich- extended create_interface to write hostname and resol...
2002-08-26 Olaf Hering- move create_interface from initrd/s390 to root/sbin