2002-04-03 Christopher... e1000 net drvr update 3/13:
2002-04-03 Christopher... e1000 net drvr update 2/13:
2002-04-03 Christopher... e1000 net drvr update 1/13:
2002-04-03 Jeff GarzikMerge
2002-04-02 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-04-02 David S. MillerIn tcp_v4_send_reset, use inet_sk to get at
2002-04-02 Linus Torvaldsupdate version and defconfig
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] brw_kiovec() converted to struct block_device *
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] fsync_bdev() conversion
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] restoring block size upon umount
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] hfs compile fix
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] set_blocksize() in JFS
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] minixfs cleanups (4/4)
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] minixfs cleanups (3/4)
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] minixfs cleanups (2/4)
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] minixfs cleanups (1/4)
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] conditional system call cleanup
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] romfs inode allocation
2002-04-02 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-04-02 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-04-02 Andrew Morton[PATCH] ext2_fill_super breakage
2002-04-02 Martin Dalecki[PATCH] 2.5.7 IDE 28a
2002-04-02 Martin Dalecki[PATCH] 2.5.7 IDE 27
2002-04-02 Martin Dalecki[PATCH] 2.5.7 IDE 26
2002-04-02 Martin Dalecki[PATCH] 2.5.7 IDE 25
2002-04-02 Martin Dalecki[PATCH] 2.5.7 IDE 24
2002-04-02 Martin Dalecki[PATCH] 2.5.7 IDE 23
2002-04-02 Alexander Viro[PATCH] initrd issue
2002-03-30 David S. Millernet/core/sock.c needs linux/tcp.h to get at TCP state...
2002-03-28 David S. MillerSparc SBUS fix: Make for_all_sbusdev work with an empty...
2002-03-27 David S. MillerTigon3 net driver bug fix:
2002-03-27 David S. MillerIn SBUS probing, handle empty SBUS correctly.
2002-03-27 David S. MillerTigon3 net driver fixes:
2002-03-26 David S. MillerSunHME driver updates:
2002-03-26 Harald WelteBig netfilter newnat patch for 2.5.7:
2002-03-26 David S. MillerFix device list locking.
2002-03-26 David S. MillerDo the slot mapping adjustment to PROM interrupt
2002-03-25 Joshua UzielSparc32 cleanups.
2002-03-25 David S. MillerMerge 2.4.x sparc64 PCI IRQ routing fixes into 2.5
2002-03-22 David S. MillerBump TcpPassiveOpens when tcp_create_openreq_child...
2002-03-21 David S. MillerCode (and commentary) in SYN-RECEIVED processing
2002-03-21 David S. MillerMove bootstr_valid/bootstr_buf back into .data section.
2002-03-21 Charles-Edouard... Make sure outgoing ICMP and TCP resets
2002-03-21 William StinsonRemove explicit initialization of static vars to zero
2002-03-21 Harald WelteAdd configure message and
2002-03-21 Joshua UzielMerge 2.4.x VGER sparc32 changes into 2.5.x
2002-03-21 David S. MillerAdd missing KERN_foo printk specifiers to networking.
2002-03-21 David S. MillerSun HME/GEM driver probing cleanups.
2002-03-21 David S. MillerRemove debugging printk while probing MAC address.
2002-03-21 David S. MillerMerge 2.4.x Sun GEM/HME net driver fixes.
2002-03-20 David S. MillerModel Sparc64 pci_assign_resource more closely to the
2002-03-20 David S. MillerIn Sun GEM/HME drivers, if OpenBoot firmware is not
2002-03-20 David S. MillerOn sparc64, handle assigning ROM and non-standard resources
2002-03-20 David S. MillerOn sparc64 Schizo PCI controllers, there is no inofixup
2002-03-20 David S. MillerIn sparc64/ebus, handle machines with both RIO and
2002-03-20 Jeff GarzikRevert epic100 net driver power sequence "fix", it...
2002-03-20 David S. MillerFix reverse logic in checking sock_writeable return
2002-03-20 Karol Kasprzakde620 net driver janitor fixes:
2002-03-20 Jeff GarzikMerge orinoco_plx wireless driver pci ids from 2.4.x.
2002-03-20 Jeff GarzikMerge dl2k gigabit ethernet driver update vendor:
2002-03-20 Jeff GarzikAdd support file e100_test to e100 net driver. Missed...
2002-03-20 Jeff GarzikMerge ethtool initiate-nic-self-test ioctl, and support...
2002-03-20 Eli Kupermanne100 net driver update:
2002-03-20 Jeff GarzikMerge
2002-03-19 Kanoj SarcarMove VPTE_BASE_foo definitions to common
2002-03-19 David S. MillerKill unused local var in af_inet.c:inet_stream_connect
2002-03-19 David S. MillerUpdate port-allocation changes to coincide with struct...
2002-03-19 David S. MillerUpdate port-allocation changes to coincide with struct...
2002-03-19 David S. MillerFix mis-merge of TCP_LAST_ACK fix.
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovAllow to bind to an already in use local port
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovAdd new sysctl, medium_id, to devinet.
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovIn sch_sfq.c, allow to descrease length of queue
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovFix bug in sch_prio.c where wrong handle was
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovPort of 2.2.x AF_PACKET bug fix.
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovTCP ipv6 fixes:
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovIPv6 neighbour discovery fixes:
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovIPV6 addrconf exploit fix:
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovUDP fixes:
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovTCP Input fixes:
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovTerrible bug in ipv4/route.c, mis-sized ip_rt_acct...
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovIP input fixes:
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovFix for ipv4 tunnel devices:
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovIn IPv4 ICMP:
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovIPv4 FIB routing fixes:
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovOld bug in skbuff.c, found by someone, but was lost.
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovDo not fail creating _new_ NOARP entry with EPERM.
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovRemove unused field from TCP struct open_request.
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovMake pkt_sched.h:PSCHED_TDIFF_SAFE behave sane when...
2002-03-19 Alexey KuznetsovRemove obsolete confusing instructions on tcp_max_syn_b...
2002-03-19 David S. MillerNetfilter enhancement from Harald Welte and Netfilter...
2002-03-19 David S. MillerUpdate sparc64 defconfig.
2002-03-18 David S. MillerFix build error on non-x86.
2002-03-18 David S. MillerIn Sparc{,64} signal handling, tsk->p_pptr --> tsk...
2002-03-18 David S. MillerOn sparc{,64}, use ptrace_check_attach instead of
2002-03-18 Linus TorvaldsUpdate version
2002-03-18 Linus TorvaldsInclude <linux/completion.h> for completion user
2002-03-18 Hirofumi Ogawa[PATCH] cleanup FAT stuff (2/2)
2002-03-18 Hirofumi Ogawa[PATCH] Fix linux/msdos_fs.h for userland (1/2)
2002-03-18 Martin Dalecki[PATCH] 2.5.7-pre2 IDE 22a
2002-03-18 Jaroslav Kysela[PATCH] for 2.5.7pre2