2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: avoid dropping con mutex before fault
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: verify state after retaking con lock after...
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: revoke mon_client messages on session restart
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: fix handling of immediate socket connect failure
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: clear all flags on con_close
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: clean up con flags
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: replace connection state bits with states
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: drop unnecessary CLOSED check in socket state...
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: close socket directly from ceph_con_close()
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: drop gratuitous socket close calls in con_work
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: move ceph_con_send() closed check under the...
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: move msgr clear_standby under con mutex protection
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: fix fault locking; close socket on lossy fault
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: reset connection retry on successfully negotiation
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: protect ceph_con_open() with mutex
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: (re)initialize bio_iter on start of message...
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: resubmit linger ops when pg mapping changes
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: fix mutex coverage for ceph_con_close
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: report socket read/write error message
2012-11-26 Guanjun Helibceph: prevent the race of incoming work during teardown
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: initialize msgpool message types
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: allow sock transition from CONNECTING to CLOSED
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: initialize mon_client con only once
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: set peer name on con_open, not init
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: add some fine ASCII art
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: small changes to messenger.c
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: distinguish two phases of connect sequence
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: separate banner and connect writes
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: define and use an explicit CONNECTED state
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: clear NEGOTIATING when done
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: clear CONNECTING in ceph_con_close()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: don't touch con state in con_close_socket()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: just set SOCK_CLOSED when state changes
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: don't change socket state on sock event
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: SOCK_CLOSED is a flag, not a state
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: don't use bio_iter as a flag
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: move init of bio_iter
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: move init_bio_*() functions up
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: don't mark footer complete before it is
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: encapsulate advancing msg page
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: encapsulate out message data setup
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: drop ceph_con_get/put helpers and nref member
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: use con get/put methods
2012-11-26 Dan Carpenterlibceph: fix NULL dereference in reset_connection()
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: transition socket state prior to actual connect
2012-11-26 Xi Wanglibceph: fix overflow in osdmap_apply_incremental()
2012-11-26 Xi Wanglibceph: fix overflow in osdmap_decode()
2012-11-26 Xi Wanglibceph: fix overflow in __decode_pool_names()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: make ceph_con_revoke_message() a msg op
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: make ceph_con_revoke() a msg operation
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: have messages take a connection reference
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: have messages point to their connection
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: tweak ceph_alloc_msg()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: fully initialize connection in con_init()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: init monitor connection when opening
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: drop connection refcounting for mon_client
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: embed ceph connection structure in mon_client
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: set CLOSED state bit in con_init
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: provide osd number when creating osd
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: start tracking connection socket state
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: start separating connection flags from state
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: embed ceph messenger structure in ceph_client
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: rename kvec_reset and kvec_add functions
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: rename socket callbacks
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: kill bad_proto ceph connection op
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: eliminate connection state "DEAD"
2012-11-26 Yan, Zhengceph: check PG_Private flag before accessing page-...
2012-11-26 Yan, Zhengrbd: Fix ceph_snap_context size calculation
2012-11-26 Josh Durginrbd: store snapshot id instead of index
2012-11-26 Josh Durginrbd: protect read of snapshot sequence number
2012-11-26 Alex Elderrbd: don't hold spinlock during messenger flush
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: fix messenger retry
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: flush msgr queue during mon_client shutdown
2012-11-26 Yan, Zhengrbd: Clear ceph_msg->bio_iter for retransmitted message
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: use con get/put ops from osd_client
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: osd_client: don't drop reply reference too...
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: fix pg_temp updates
2012-11-26 Sage Weillibceph: avoid unregistering osd request when not regis...
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: add auth buf in prepare_write_connect()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: rename prepare_connect_authorizer()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: return pointer from prepare_connect_authorizer()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: use info returned by get_authorizer
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: have get_authorizer methods return pointers
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: ensure auth ops are defined before use
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: messenger: reduce args to create_authorizer
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: define ceph_auth_handshake type
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: messenger: check return from get_authorizer
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: messenger: rework prepare_connect_authorizer()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: messenger: check prepare_write_connect() result
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: don't set WRITE_PENDING too early
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: drop msgr argument from prepare_write_connect()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: messenger: send banner in process_connect()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: messenger: reset connection kvec caller
2012-11-26 Alex Elderlibceph: don't reset kvec in prepare_write_banner()
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: messenger: change read_partial() to take "end...
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: messenger: update "to" in read_partial() caller
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: messenger: use read_partial() in read_partial_mes...
2012-11-26 Alex Elderceph: osd_client: fix endianness bug in osd_req_encode_op()
2012-11-26 Sage Weilcrush: fix memory leak when destroying tree buckets
2012-11-26 Sage Weilcrush: fix tree node weight lookup