2002-02-12 Martin Diehl[PATCH] usb_set_interface: correct toggle reset
2002-02-12 Vojtech Pavlikusb hid driver:
2002-02-11 Vojtech Pavlik[PATCH] Update of USB input drivers to the latest versions
2002-02-11 Petko Manolov[PATCH] pegasus.h
2002-02-11 Petr Vandrovec[PATCH] 2.5.4-pre5 and ncpfs fill_super changes
2002-02-11 Petr Vandrovec[PATCH] zisofs compilation error
2002-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge bk://
2002-02-12 Paul MackerrasUpdate PPC for recent generic changes; in particular...
2002-02-11 Paul MackerrasMerge quango.(none):/home/paulus/kernel/linux-2.5
2002-02-11 Alexander Viro[PATCH] BKL-free ext2_get_block()
2002-02-11 Hans Reiser[PATCH] 08-truncate_update_mtime.diff
2002-02-11 Hans Reiser[PATCH] 07-reiserfs-bitmap-journal-read-ahead.diff
2002-02-11 Hans Reiser[PATCH] 06-kmalloc_cleanup.diff
2002-02-11 Hans Reiser[PATCH] 05-corrupt_items_checks.diff
2002-02-11 Hans Reiser[PATCH] 04-hash_autodetect_fix.diff
2002-02-11 Hans Reiser[PATCH] 03-savelink_dir_truncate.diff
2002-02-11 Hans Reiser[PATCH] 02-savelink_nospace_nowarning.diff
2002-02-11 Hans Reiser[PATCH] 01-ioerrors-checks-2.diff
2002-02-11 Richard Henderson[PATCH] discarded section problem
2002-02-11 David Mosberger[PATCH] video console fix up
2002-02-11 David Mosberger[PATCH] fix for elf coredump deadlock
2002-02-11 David Mosberger[PATCH] dma64_addr_t fix ups
2002-02-11 Rob Radez[PATCH] drivers/char/pcwd.c
2002-02-11 David Mosberger[PATCH] updated version of VM_DATA_DEFAULT_FLAGS patch
2002-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge bk://
2002-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-11 Ingo Molnarmerge to the -K3 scheduler.
2002-02-11 Jens AxboeRemove nr_sectors from bio_end_io end I/O callback...
2002-02-11 Alexander Viro[PATCH] (2.5.4) death of ->i_zombie
2002-02-11 Robert Love[PATCH] Optimized UP preempt fix
2002-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMerged
2002-02-11 Stephen Rothwell[PATCH] 2.5.4-pre6 apm compile fix
2002-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-11 Jeff GarzikAdd a couple #includes to fix the alpha build.
2002-02-11 Jens Axboethread_saved_pc fix from akpm
2002-02-11 Jens AxboeSmall batch of IDE code cleanups from Pavel Machek
2002-02-11 Jens Axboechange cciss driver version number. Applies to 2.5...
2002-02-11 Jens AxboeMake cciss driver contribute to entropy pool.
2002-02-11 Jens AxboeReplace calls to suser() with capable(). Move those...
2002-02-11 Jens AxboeReplace awful schedule_timeout polling code with
2002-02-11 Jens AxboeFix for cciss driver where I had passed the wrong
2002-02-11 Jens Axboeadd more build config files to ignore list
2002-02-11 Jens Axboesetup_str[] only used in modular builds.
2002-02-11 Jens AxboeThis patch fixes a bug that appears when you have more...
2002-02-11 Paul MackerrasImport arch/ppc and include/asm-ppc changes from linuxp...
2002-02-11 Richard HendersonUpdate Alpha SMP for the new scheduler and preempt...
2002-02-11 Jeff GarzikMerge
2002-02-11 Greg Kroah... removed 'typedef' from the kl5kusb105 usb-serial driver.
2002-02-11 Greg Kroah... removed 'typedef' from the Keyspan usb-serial drivers.
2002-02-11 Greg Kroah... removed 'typedef' from the IO Networks Edgeport usb...
2002-02-11 Greg Kroah... removed 'typedef' from the ftdi_sio usb-serial driver.
2002-02-11 Greg Kroah... removed 'typedef' from the Digi Acceleport usb-serial...
2002-02-11 Greg Kroah... patch by Simon Evans <> that adds...
2002-02-11 Greg Kroah... patch from David Probnell, updating the USB error-codes...
2002-02-11 Greg Kroah... patch from Peter Osterlund <> to fix...
2002-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-11 Jens Axboebio_endio doesn't take nr_sectors argument anymore.
2002-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge penguin:v2.5/linux
2002-02-11 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-10 Richard HendersonFixes for premature thread_info changeset.
2002-02-10 Richard HendersonUpdate Alpha UP for thread_info and scheduler changes.
2002-02-10 David S. MillerAdd writev support to TUN driver.
2002-02-10 David S. MillerNetfilter bugfixes from Harald and Paul Russell.
2002-02-10 David S. MillerSplit protocol specific information out from struct...
2002-02-10 David S. MillerClean up sparc64 build.
2002-02-10 Linus TorvaldsRemove warning in /proc inode conversions.
2002-02-10 Linus Torvaldsupdate version
2002-02-10 Udo A. Steinberg[PATCH] 2.5.4-pre6 compile fix for i386/kernel/signal.c
2002-02-10 Udo A. Steinberg[PATCH] 2.5.4-pre6 apm compile fix
2002-02-10 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-10 Linus TorvaldsMerge penguin:v2.5/linux
2002-02-10 Dave Jones[PATCH] check copy_from_user return codes in serial...
2002-02-10 Robert Love[PATCH] preempt-kernel on UP compile fix
2002-02-10 Robert Love[PATCH] preemptible kernel documentation, etc
2002-02-10 Robert Love[PATCH] yet another lseek fix
2002-02-10 Linus TorvaldsAutomerge
2002-02-10 Kai GermaschewskiMerge vaio.(none):/home/kai/kernel/linux-2.5.isdn.link_...
2002-02-10 Kai GermaschewskiLink ISDN after USB. Otherwise, when builtin, the ST548...
2002-02-10 Kai Germaschewskirename built-in ISDN object to vmlinux-obj.o
2002-02-10 Kai Germaschewskiadd missing "\n" in printk statements.
2002-02-10 Kai Germaschewskiremove CONFIG_ISDN entries from arch/ -...
2002-02-10 Jeff GarzikMerge
2002-02-10 Linus TorvaldsAutomerge
2002-02-09 Jeff GarzikUpdate alpha defconfig to the options available in...
2002-02-09 Jeff GarzikMerge
2002-02-09 Jeff GarzikMerge
2002-02-09 David S. MillerClean up sparc64 build
2002-02-09 James BottomleyVarious bugfixes to sync with 2.4 version:
2002-02-09 David S. MillerAdd CONFIG_PREEMPTION.
2002-02-09 David S. MillerSparc64 preemption support.
2002-02-09 Jeff GarzikMerge
2002-02-09 David S. MillerBuild fixes for sparc64 outside of sparc64 specific...
2002-02-09 David S. MillerSparc64 thread_info implementation.
2002-02-09 Alexander Viro[PATCH] ->s_id cleanups
2002-02-09 Alexander Viro[PATCH] affs cleanup
2002-02-09 Alexander Viro[PATCH] /proc/modules cleanup (seq_file, again)
2002-02-09 Alexander Viro[PATCH] /proc/slabinfo cleanup (seq_...)
2002-02-09 Alexander Viro[PATCH] fix for typo in ext2_new_inode()