2002-02-26 Neil Brown[PATCH] PATCH 1/16: NFSD: Compilation Fix
2002-02-26 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-26 Vojtech Pavlik[PATCH] Input patch - joystick drivers update
2002-02-26 Daniel Quinlan[PATCH] Linux Secondary Slave IDE timings
2002-02-26 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86_64 irqstat change
2002-02-26 Andi Kleen[PATCH] x86-64 update for 2.5.5
2002-02-26 Jaroslav Kysela[PATCH] ALSA patch for 2.5.5
2002-02-26 Jaroslav Kysela[PATCH] Patch - sharing RTC timer between kernel and...
2002-02-26 Linus TorvaldsDon't be so verbose about normal lack of modprobe
2002-02-26 Dave Jones[PATCH] later DMI scan.
2002-02-26 Dave Jones[PATCH] un'fix' NCR scsi driver.
2002-02-26 Dave Jones[PATCH] Numerous address updates.
2002-02-26 Dave Jones[PATCH] Support /dev/kmem access to vmalloc space ...
2002-02-26 Dave Jones[PATCH] kdev_t search/replaces.
2002-02-26 Linus TorvaldsEnable parport by default on x86
2002-02-25 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-26 Ingo Molnarmigration threads should sleep interruptible.
2002-02-25 Alexander Viro[PATCH] final ->d_parent fixes
2002-02-25 Alexander Viro[PATCH] ->d_parent fixes
2002-02-25 Rusty Russell[PATCH] 2.5.5 Trivial patch: fs/file.c comment
2002-02-25 Alexander Viro[PATCH] net/wanrouter/wan{proc,main}.c crapectomy
2002-02-25 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-25 Kai GermaschewskiMerge vaio.(none):/home/kai/kernel/linux-2.5.isdn.hisax...
2002-02-25 Kai GermaschewskiMerge vaio.(none):/home/kai/kernel/linux-2.5
2002-02-25 Alexander Viro[PATCH] (3/3) fs/super.c cleanups
2002-02-25 Alexander Viro[PATCH] (2/3) fs/super.c cleanups
2002-02-25 Alexander Viro[PATCH] (1/3) fs/super.c cleanups
2002-02-25 Linus TorvaldsUpdate kernel version and defconfig
2002-02-25 Linus TorvaldsMerge home:v2.5/linux
2002-02-25 Alexander Viro[PATCH] Re: [BUGFIX] handling bad inodes in 2.4.x kerne...
2002-02-23 Ingo Molnar- cleanup patch from Hugh Dickins, fix up drivers to...
2002-02-23 Ingo Molnar- new, less intrusive and faster migration method:
2002-02-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-21 Ingo Molnar- make i_mmap and i_mmap_shared a list.h list
2002-02-21 Ingo Molnarcleanups, speedups and fixes. Added support for non...
2002-02-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge
2002-02-21 Anders Gustafsson[PATCH] missing chunk in lvm-fixes in 2.5.5
2002-02-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge bk://
2002-02-21 Andrew Morton[PATCH] .text.exit linkage errors
2002-02-21 Robert Love[PATCH] add lseek changes to fs porting guide
2002-02-21 Robert Love[PATCH] proper lseek locking in ALSA, take 3
2002-02-21 Hirofumi Ogawa[PATCH] Insufficient validity check of fat_read_super...
2002-02-21 Dario Ballabio[PATCH] PATCH: scsi driver update for 2.5.5
2002-02-21 Hans Reiser[PATCH] 2.5 dropping unneded lock precense check.
2002-02-21 Andries E.... [PATCH] imm.c
2002-02-21 Linus Torvaldsmake rd.c compile again
2002-02-21 Linus TorvaldsMerge bk://
2002-02-21 Ingo MolnarMerge k:t into
2002-02-21 Jeff GarzikUpdate wireless net drivers wavelan and wavelan_cs...
2002-02-21 Jean TourrilhesUpdate (ancient) wireless net drivers netwave_cs, wavelan,
2002-02-20 Ingo Molnar- export vmalloc_to_page().
2002-02-20 Russell KingMerge
2002-02-20 Russell KingFix a bug where a user-generated unaligned load could...
2002-02-20 Russell KingDocumentation for user space ARM alignment trap handler...
2002-02-20 Russell KingAdd extra ARM help texts to arch/arm/, updat...
2002-02-20 Russell KingPreempt support and fix ARM build for thread_info changes
2002-02-20 Russell KingCompilation fix; missing close paren.
2002-02-20 Russell KingAdd more big endian support to ARM, specifically stat...
2002-02-20 Russell KingRemove some uses of depreciated save_flags_cli() in...
2002-02-20 Richard HendersonMerge
2002-02-20 Russell KingAdd/remove <linux/config.h> includes as appropriate
2002-02-20 Russell KingFixup kdev_t changes in various ARM files
2002-02-20 Ingo MolnarMerge k:/home/torvalds/BK/linux-2.5/
2002-02-20 Russell KingFix buglet in ARM string functions
2002-02-20 Russell KingUpdate ARM syscall tables for new xattr functions
2002-02-20 Russell KingCorrect filename comment in shark specific code
2002-02-20 Mike PhillipsJanitor patch for olympic tokenring driver, to replace the
2002-02-20 Ed VanceThis patch corrects PCI device id in pci_ids.h for...
2002-02-20 Steven ColeAdd some missing help texts to drivers/net/
2002-02-20 Steven ColeCorrect typo in pcmcia net drivers help text.
2002-02-20 Jeff GarzikMerge
2002-02-20 Miles LaneUpdate rivafb for kdev_t changes in early 2.5.x series.
2002-02-20 Tim HockinLink status detection fix for natsemi net driver.
2002-02-20 Mark McClellandusb ov511 driver:
2002-02-20 Greg Kroah... usb vicam driver:
2002-02-20 Greg Kroah... usb
2002-02-20 Johannes Erdfeltuhci.c didn't work well with USB storage. It would...
2002-02-20 Johannes Erdfelt[PATCH] uhci.c, fix pci dma ordering issue
2002-02-20 Johannes Erdfelt[PATCH] uhci.c, interrupt unlink in completion
2002-02-20 Johannes Erdfelt[PATCH] uhci.c, one more toggle fix
2002-02-20 Martin Diehlusb hub:
2002-02-20 Greg Kroah... usb usb-uhci.c:
2002-02-20 Greg Kroah... usb usb-ohci.c:
2002-02-20 Greg Kroah... usb uhci.c:
2002-02-20 Greg Kroah... Merge
2002-02-20 Jeff GarzikMerge new driver for 3Com 3C359 Tokenring Velocity...
2002-02-20 Jeff GarzikMerge bk://
2002-02-20 Linus TorvaldsGet rid of non-working and unused "uvirt_to_bus()".
2002-02-20 Jeff GarzikMerge
2002-02-20 Ingo MolnarMerge k:/home/torvalds/BK/linux-2.5/
2002-02-20 Greg Kroah... Merge bk://
2002-02-19 Ingo Molnaruse the following, much more intuitive interface names:
2002-02-19 Ingo Molnar- clean up the vmalloc_to_page() interface: no need...
2002-02-19 Ingo Molnar- fix mapped-pte usage - do not access it after unmapping.
2002-02-19 Jeff GarzikMerge
2002-02-19 Ingo Molnar- cleanup from Andi Kleen: schedule_tail() does not...
2002-02-19 Ingo Molnaradds simple support for atomically-mapped PTEs. On...
2002-02-19 Ingo Molnar- the new vmalloc_to_page() interface should be used...
2002-02-19 Ingo MolnarMerge k:/home/torvalds/BK/linux-2.5/