2012-05-07 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.0.31
2012-05-07 Greg Kroah... hfsplus: Fix potential buffer overflows
2012-05-07 Peter Zijlstrasched: Fix nohz load accounting -- again!
2012-05-07 Grazvydas Ignotaswl1251: fix crash on remove due to leftover work item
2012-05-07 Grazvydas Ignotaswl1251: fix crash on remove due to premature kfree
2012-05-07 Larry Fingerrtlwifi: Fix oops on unload
2012-05-07 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix AP mode EAP tx for VLAN stations
2012-05-07 Stanislav Yakovlevipw2200: Fix race condition in the command completion...
2012-05-07 Roland Stiggei2c: pnx: Disable clk in suspend
2012-05-07 Lin Minglibata: skip old error history when counting probe...
2012-05-07 Kirill A. Shutemovhwmon: (coretemp) fix oops on cpu unplug
2012-05-07 Guenter Roeckhwmon: (coretemp) Increase CPU core limit
2012-05-07 Matthew Garrettefivars: Improve variable validation
2012-05-07 Matthew Garrettefi: Validate UEFI boot variables
2012-05-07 Tony Luckefivars: fix warnings when CONFIG_PSTORE=n
2012-05-07 Mike Waychisonefivars: String functions
2012-05-07 Matthew Garrettefi: Add new variable attributes
2012-05-07 Dan WilliamsSCSI: libsas: fix false positive 'device attached'...
2012-05-07 Thomas JacksonSCSI: libsas: fix sas_find_bcast_phy() in the presence...
2012-05-07 Will DeaconARM: 7403/1: tls: remove covert channel via TPIDRURW
2012-05-07 Linus Torvaldsautofs: make the autofsv5 packet file descriptor use...
2012-05-07 Linus Torvaldspipes: add a "packetized pipe" mode for writing
2012-05-07 Laurent Pinchartusb gadget: uvc: uvc_request_data::length field must...
2012-05-07 Alan SternUSB: gadget: storage gadgets send wrong error code...
2012-05-07 Alan SternUSB: EHCI: fix crash during suspend on ASUS computers
2012-05-07 Oliver NeukumUSB: cdc-wdm: fix race leading leading to memory corruption
2012-05-07 Greg Kroah... Revert "usb: Fix build error due to dma_mask is not...
2012-05-07 Al Vironfsd: fix error values returned by nfsd4_lockt() when...
2012-05-07 Al Vironfsd: fix b0rken error value for setattr on read-only...
2012-05-07 Eric Bénardmmc: unbreak sdhci-esdhc-imx on i.MX25
2012-05-07 Alex WilliamsonKVM: unmap pages from the iommu when slots are removed
2012-05-07 David MillerFix modpost failures in fedora 17
2012-05-07 Arend van Sprielbrcm80211: smac: resume transmit fifo upon receiving...
2012-05-07 Alan SternEHCI: fix criterion for resuming the root hub
2012-05-07 Johannes Bergnl80211: ensure interface is up in various APIs
2012-05-07 Xi Wangdrm/i915: fix integer overflow in i915_gem_do_execbuffer()
2012-05-07 Xi Wangdrm/i915: fix integer overflow in i915_gem_execbuffer2()
2012-05-07 Daniel Vetterdrm/i915: handle input/output sdvo timings separately...
2012-05-07 Guenter Roeckhwmon: (fam15h_power) Fix pci_device_id array
2012-05-07 Andre Przywarahwmon: fam15h_power: fix bogus values with current...
2012-05-07 Nicolas Ferredmaengine: at_hdmac: remove clear-on-read in atc_dostart()
2012-05-07 Mark BrownASoC: dapm: Ensure power gets managed for line widgets
2012-05-07 Konrad Rzeszutek... xen/smp: Fix crash when booting with ACPI hotplug CPUs.
2012-05-07 David Vrabelxen: correctly check for pending events when restoring...
2012-05-07 Linus TorvaldsRevert "autofs: work around unhappy compat problem...
2012-05-07 Bryan O'Donoghuex86, apic: APIC code touches invalid MSR on P5 class...
2012-05-07 Trond MyklebustNFSv4: Ensure that we check lock exclusive/shared type...
2012-05-07 Trond MyklebustNFSv4: Ensure that the LOCK code sets exception->inode
2012-05-07 Jan Karanfs: Enclose hostname in brackets when needed in nfs_do...
2012-04-27 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.0.30
2012-04-27 Neal Cardwelltcp: fix TCP_MAXSEG for established IPv6 passive sockets
2012-04-27 Eric W. Biedermannet ax25: Reorder ax25_exit to remove races.
2012-04-27 Dan Carpenterksz884x: don't copy too much in netdev_set_mac_address()
2012-04-27 Julian Anastasovnetns: do not leak net_generic data on failed init
2012-04-27 Eric Dumazettcp: fix tcp_grow_window() for large incoming frames
2012-04-27 Hiroaki SHIMODAdummy: Add ndo_uninit().
2012-04-27 Stephane Fillodnet: usb: smsc75xx: fix mtu
2012-04-27 David Wardnet_sched: gred: Fix oops in gred_dump() in WRED mode
2012-04-27 Davide Ciminaghinet/ethernet: ks8851_mll fix rx frame buffer overflow
2012-04-27 Will Deaconnet: smsc911x: fix skb handling in receive path
2012-04-27 Jason Wang8139cp: set intr mask after its handler is registered
2012-04-27 Tony Zelenoffatl1: fix kernel panic in case of DMA errors
2012-04-27 Neal Cardwelltcp: fix tcp_rcv_rtt_update() use of an unscaled RTT...
2012-04-27 Eric Dumazetnet: fix a race in sock_queue_err_skb()
2012-04-27 Eric Dumazetnetlink: fix races after skb queueing
2012-04-27 Phil Sutterwimax: i2400m - prevent a possible kernel bug due to...
2012-04-27 Veaceslav Falicobonding: properly unset current_arp_slave on slave...
2012-04-27 Sasha Levinphonet: Check input from user before allocating
2012-04-27 RongQing.Liipv6: fix array index in ip6_mc_add_src()
2012-04-27 Herbert Xubridge: Do not send queries on multicast group leaves
2012-04-27 Thomas Grafsctp: Allow struct sctp_event_subscribe to grow without...
2012-04-27 Eric Dumazettcp: allow splice() to build full TSO packets
2012-04-27 David Woodhouseppp: Don't stop and restart queue on every TX packet
2012-04-27 Al Virolockd: fix the endianness bug
2012-04-27 Al Viroocfs2: ->e_leaf_clusters endianness breakage
2012-04-27 Al Viroocfs2: ->rl_count endianness breakage
2012-04-27 Al Viroocfs: ->rl_used breakage on big-endian
2012-04-27 Al Viroocfs2: ->l_next_free_req breakage on big-endian
2012-04-27 Al Virobtrfs: btrfs_root_readonly() broken on big-endian
2012-04-27 Al Vironfsd: fix compose_entry_fh() failure exits
2012-04-27 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Identify rt2800usb chipsets.
2012-04-27 Alan Coxrt2800: Add support for the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550
2012-04-27 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Add USB device ID of Buffalo WLI-UC-GNHP.
2012-04-27 Eduardo Bacchi... rt2800usb: Add new device ID for Belkin
2012-04-27 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Properly identify rt2800usb devices.
2012-04-27 Laurent Pinchartspi: Fix device unregistration when unregistering the...
2012-04-27 Jason BaronDon't limit non-nested epoll paths
2012-04-27 AceLan KaoBluetooth: Add support for Atheros [04ca:3005]
2012-04-27 Al Viroext4: fix endianness breakage in ext4_split_extent_at()
2012-04-27 Thomas JaroschPCI: Add quirk for still enabled interrupts on Intel...
2012-04-27 Shubhrajyoti Dusb: musb: omap: fix the error check for pm_runtime_get...
2012-04-27 Kishon Vijay... usb: musb: omap: fix crash when musb glue (omap) gets...
2012-04-27 Andrzej Pietrasiewiczusb: gadget: eliminate NULL pointer dereference (bugfix)
2012-04-27 Alan SternUSB: fix deadlock in bConfigurationValue attribute...
2012-04-27 Alan SternEHCI: always clear the STS_FLR status bit
2012-04-27 Bjørn MorkUSB: sierra: avoid QMI/wwan interface on MC77xx
2012-04-27 Julia Lawalldrivers/tty/amiserial.c: add missing tty_unlock
2012-04-27 Tomoya MORINAGApch_uart: Fix dma channel unallocated issue
2012-04-27 Yuri MatylitskiUSB: serial: cp210x: Fixed usb_control_msg timeout...
2012-04-27 Shaohua Lijbd2: use GFP_NOFS for blkdev_issue_flush