- Removed signals not provided by PackageKit anymore
[opensuse:kupdateapplet.git] / src / packagekit / qpackagekitconnector.cpp
2010-05-31 Thomas Goettlicher- Removed signals not provided by PackageKit anymore
2010-05-28 Thomas Goettlicher- Adapted to PackageKit API change (bnc #609409)
2010-02-11 Thomas Goettlicheradded license headers
2009-09-18 Duncan Mac-Vicar Premove policykit dependencies, this is now handled...
2009-09-18 Duncan Mac-Vicar PSync with PackageKit 0.5.1 API.
2008-12-03 Thomas Goettlicherfixed #450184
2008-12-02 Thomas Goettlicher- Fixed accept of eula dialog
2008-11-28 Thomas Goettlicher- Fixed packagekit driver search (bnc #447993)
2008-11-26 Thomas GoettlicherFixed error popup while driver search (bnc #447993)
2008-11-13 tuxfixed popup message and packagekit signals and slots
2008-11-13 tuxcleaned up get-repo-list mechanism
2008-11-12 tgoettlicherignore packagekit errors
2008-11-04 tgoettlichertransaltions / license dialog
2008-10-30 tgoettlicher- Improved PolicyKit getAuth call
2008-10-29 tgoettlicher- Fixed error handling in packagkit plugin
2008-10-02 Thomas Goettlicheradded PolkitClient::getAuth call to packagekit plugin
2008-09-29 Thomas Goettlicheradapted PackageKit whatprovides drivers to new syntax
2008-09-19 Thomas Goettlicherupdated translation
2008-09-17 Duncan Mac-Vicar PMerge branch 'master' of git@git.opensuse.org:projects...
2008-09-17 Duncan Mac-Vicar P- add distribution upgrade availability
2008-09-16 Duncan Mac-Vicar P- fix call to get updates
2008-09-15 tgoettlicherMerge branch 'master' of git@git.opensuse.org:projects...
2008-09-15 tgoettlicherwork on fate #303677
2008-08-20 tgoettlicherstop packagekitd before calling yast
2008-08-19 tgoettlicherprepared for stopping packagekitd
2008-08-18 tgoettlichermade packagekit plugin listen to message signal
2008-08-18 tgoettlicherwork on driver search
2008-08-15 tgoettlicherported to PackageKit 0.2.4
2008-08-13 tgoettlicherlisten to packagekit restart signals
2008-08-06 tgoettlicheradapted whatprovides for driver search
2008-08-04 tgoettlicherminor fixes at driver search
2008-07-31 tgoettlicherprepared for hardware and driver detection
2008-07-22 tgoettlicherimproved packagekit plugin
2008-07-22 tgoettlicheradapted packagekit plugin to new updater api