last changeWed, 15 Sep 2010 14:45:57 +0000 (16:45 +0200)
2010-09-15 Luboš Luňákmake debtransform support packages with .tar.bz2 and... master
2010-09-07 Adrian Schröterand revert the last two commits again to keep output...
2010-09-07 Adrian Schrötersparse is not supported by bzip2, just by tar
2010-09-06 Adrian Schröteruse sparse option when bzip2 raw files (patch by cthiel)
2010-08-26 Michael Schroeder- detect multiversion specfiles
2010-08-23 Martin Mohringfixed: mips and mipsel cross build support with QEMU
2010-08-19 Marcus Huewe- commit darix' fix (missing "test" statement)
2010-08-12 Ruediger Oertelmkbaselibs: gracefully skip non-existing rpms
2010-08-04 Michael Schroeder- substitute <RELEASE> even if no release is specified
2010-08-02 Ludwig Nusselmake guessed BUILD_DIST available inside init_buildsystem
2010-08-02 Ludwig Nusselallow spaces in susetags repos too
2010-08-02 Ludwig Nusseldetect zypp repo cache changes
2010-08-02 Ludwig Nusselretry redirected downloads
2010-08-02 Ludwig Nusselhandle spaces and utf8 in file names of zypp repos...
2010-07-28 Michael Schroeder- document --repo and --dist
2010-07-27 Henne Vogelsangfix links that point to the wiki
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