2009-04-30 Jon MastersAdd elf_core.c into the EXTRA_SOURCES for the static... v3.8
2009-04-30 Jon Mastersrelease: bump release to v3.8
2009-04-30 Michal MarekDon't abort the build if docbook2man is missing
2009-04-30 Michal MarekAllow to link zlib dynamically
2009-04-30 Andreas Robinsonbuild: put shared functions in static library
2009-04-30 Andreas RobinsonRewrite my_basename() as inline function
2009-04-30 Andreas RobinsonClean up get_section()
2009-04-30 Andreas RobinsonClean up ELF header tester elf_ident()
2009-04-30 Andreas RobinsonClean up native-endianness tests
2009-04-30 Andreas Robinson[PATCH 1/4] Clean up my_basename()
2009-04-30 Alan Jenkins[PATCH] build: sync ax_enable_builddir.m4 with autoconf...
2009-04-09 Alan Jenkinsdoc: sgml markup corrections
2009-04-09 Alan Jenkinsdoc: backwards compatability is removed, update README
2009-04-09 Alan Jenkinsdoc: clean up references (e.g. to modprobe.old)
2009-04-08 Jon Mastersfix HACKING to include running aclocal properly
2009-04-08 Jon Mastersrelease: bump release to v3.7 v3.7
2009-04-08 Alan Jenkinsremove all legacy support for pre-2.6 kernels
2009-04-08 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: remove test-generate-modprobe.conf/disabled*
2009-04-08 Alan Jenkins"make check" shouldn't run our testsuite
2009-03-12 Jon Mastersrelease: bump new pre-release to v3.7-pre9 v3.7-pre9
2009-03-12 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-03-12 Jon Mastersdocs: don't forget to pass -I m4 to aclocal
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsTake advantage of strstarts
2009-03-12 Alan Jenkinsdepmod: Don't accept "make_map_files yes-please"
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsEnforce use of streq
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsMove a few common functions and macros to "util"
2009-03-12 Alan JenkinsMove more logging to common files
2009-03-12 Alan Jenkinsrmmod: -a with no arguments can't do anything reasonable
2009-03-12 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: Fix segfault in parse_config_file
2009-03-12 Alan Jenkinsdepmod: Replace malloc+sprintf with asprintf
2009-03-12 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: Fix out of date comment
2009-03-11 Jon Masterspre-release: update to release v3.7-pre8 v3.7-pre8
2009-03-11 Alan Jenkinsbuild: Build tests in a separate directory
2009-03-11 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: use PATH
2009-03-11 Alan Jenkinsbuild: Fix "make distclean"
2009-03-11 Jon Mastersdocs: update the README to prefer autoreconf over indiv...
2009-03-05 Jon MastersTODO: fix the build system with respect to docs.
2009-03-04 Jon Masterspre-release: update to v3.7-pre7 v3.7-pre7
2009-03-04 Michal Marekmodprobe: remove obsolete -k, --autoclean option
2009-03-04 Jon Mastersdoc: remove autoclean and kernel options from modprobe...
2009-03-04 Don Zickusmodprobe: abort loading module if one of its dependents...
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersdoc: [PATCH] modprobe: document undocumented options
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersbuild: make module-init-tools explicitly depend on...
2009-03-03 Jon Masterspre-release: update release to v3.7-pre6 v3.7-pre6
2009-03-03 Jon Masterslogging: add quiet global and cleanup logging files
2009-03-03 Jon MastersNEWS: replace the NEWS file with something useful
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersmodprobe: fix handling of quiet module loading
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersmodprobe: make return values consistent for quiet/non...
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersdocs: add Marco and Kay to the authors file
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersdocs: remove outdated "NEWS" file
2009-03-03 Jon Masterspre-release: bump release to v3.7-pre5 v3.7-pre5
2009-03-03 Loïc Miniermodprobe: don't exit when silent
2009-03-03 Jon Masterstestsuite: remove locking tests since the flock() is... v3.7-pre4
2009-03-03 Jon Masterspre-release: bump release up to v3.7-pre4
2009-03-03 Jon Mastersmodprobe: remove flock() because it never worked anyway
2009-03-03 Jon MastersTODO: make a new TODO that makes sense
2009-03-02 Jon Mastersrelease: bump release to v3.7-pre3 v3.7-pre3
2009-03-02 Michal Marekdepmod: "updates" fixes
2009-03-02 Kay Sieversmodprobe,depmod: deprecate "include", sort config files...
2009-03-02 Marco d'Itridocumentation update
2009-03-02 Marco d'Itriignore the "CVS" directory
2009-03-02 Kay SieversMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-02-26 Jon Mastersmodprobe: fix comment on kcmdline
2009-02-26 Jon Mastersdoc: fix typo in modprobe.sgml
2009-02-23 Alan JenkinsMerge branches 'tests' and 'fixes'
2009-02-23 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: remove useless use of echo
2009-02-23 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: more delay reduction
2009-02-23 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: cleanup /sys/module/ in modprobe tests
2009-02-23 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: complete test-modprobe/
2009-02-23 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: MODTEST_OVERRIDE_ROOT conversion fixup
2009-02-23 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: work around slow SSDs
2009-02-23 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: fix reduced delays
2009-02-20 Alan Jenkinsmodinfo: fix --field
2009-02-20 Alan Jenkinsmodinfo.8: "param" is really spelled "parm"
2009-02-20 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe.8: document "-b"
2009-02-20 Alan Jenkinsmodinfo: Fix failure with inaccessible current dir
2009-02-20 Alan Jenkinsdepmod: Allow modules outside the normal module directory
2009-02-18 Jon MastersBump the revision up to v3.7-pre2 for these fixes. v3.7-pre2
2009-02-18 Jon MastersMerge branch 'master' of ../module-init-tools_alan
2009-02-12 Alan Jenkinspatch testsuite-dir
2009-02-11 Alan JenkinsReduce test delays
2009-02-11 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: add temporary directory to gitignore
2009-02-11 Alan Jenkinstestsuite: add test for order of values in binary index
2009-02-11 Alan JenkinsMake sure each command includes "testing.h"
2009-02-11 Alan JenkinsSurvive "/sys is not mounted"
2009-02-11 Jon Mastersbuild: update the to v3.7-pre1 v3.7-pre1
2009-02-11 Jon Masterstestsuite: update for order change to option parsing
2009-02-11 Jon Mastersmodprobe: parse empty options correctly
2009-02-10 Kay Sieversmodinfo: needs logging.c to compile
2009-02-10 Martin Schlemmergenerate-modprobe.conf: detect errors and abort
2009-02-10 Mike Frysingergenerate-modprobe.conf: cleanup usage and add --assume...
2009-02-10 Alan Jenkinsdepmod: abort on OOM
2009-02-10 Michal Marekmodprobe: fix options priority
2009-02-10 Mike Frysingerremove generated automake files
2009-02-10 Mike Frysingermark man pages as dist targets
2009-02-10 Michal Marekdepmod: fix is_higher_priority()
2009-02-10 Michal Marekmodinfo: return error on incorrect usage
2009-02-10 Alan Jenkinsadd module ordering support for binary indexes
2009-02-10 Alan Jenkinsmodprobe: fallback to text files if binary index is...
2009-02-06 Alan Jenkinsdepmod: Specifying modules using relative paths is...