add rss icon
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2009-11-23 Thomas Schmidtadd rss icon 1.2.5
2009-09-28 Thomas Schmidtbackport
2009-09-25 Thomas Schmidtimprove text
2009-09-25 Thomas Schmidtbackports
2009-09-25 Thomas Schmidtfix featuredeadline, sorting
2009-09-01 Thomas Schmidtfix partner novell
2009-08-27 Thomas Schmidtadd link
2009-08-26 Thomas Schmidtadd banner
2009-08-18 Thomas Schmidtuse internal deadlines for internal webfate
2009-08-13 Dominik HeidlerBACKPORT: r7868
2009-08-11 Thomas Schmidtadd businesscase field to webfate, openfate (fate#306366)
2009-08-10 Thomas Schmidtfix discussion placement
2009-08-10 Dominik HeidlerBACKPORT: r7839
2009-08-06 Thomas Schmidtreject voting comments
2009-08-05 Thomas Schmidtfix webfate
2009-07-27 Thomas Schmidtfix feature creation
2009-07-18 Thomas Schmidtfix stats
2009-07-17 Thomas Schmidtfix hackweek startpage
2009-07-17 Thomas Schmidtadd hackweek startpage
2009-07-17 Thomas Schmidtfix get request query
2009-07-17 Thomas Schmidtcan cache top features for multiple products
2009-07-17 Thomas Schmidtuse GET for bookmarkable search results
2009-07-16 Thomas Schmidtfix feature creation for partners
2009-07-07 Dominik HeidlerResolved bug #480796:
2009-07-02 Dominik HeidlerLittle text-correction
2009-07-02 Dominik HeidlerHandle get-requests on save-feature
2009-07-01 Dominik HeidlerHide closed features from /my features/
2009-06-30 Dominik HeidlerAdding features doesn't require openSUSE membership...
2009-06-26 Thomas Schmidtmake non-members able to create features
2009-06-25 Dominik HeidlerEdit interested persons only in the persons box
2009-06-18 Dominik HeidlerHide Interested box if there is no content
2009-06-08 Dominik HeidlerWe should use feature_v12
2009-05-15 Dominik Heidlerupgrade to feature_v13
2009-05-15 Dominik HeidlerFixed bug with validation on non-ajax mce-input fields...
2009-05-14 Dominik HeidlerImplementet changes for interested dropdown
2009-05-06 Dominik HeidlerMake webfate attachments working
2009-04-17 Dominik HeidlerAdded the tiny_mce include to partner and webfate
2009-04-17 Dominik HeidlerFixed bug with html entities encoded already by tiny_mce
2009-04-16 Dominik HeidlerAdded WYSIWYG to stakeholder_benefit
2009-04-16 Dominik HeidlerResolved bug in error handling with tiny_mce
2009-04-14 Thomas Schmidtescape \ from text query, correctly escape title
2009-04-09 Thomas Schmidtuse richtext editor for comments
2009-04-09 Thomas Schmidtdon't use widget for editing title
2009-04-09 Dominik Heidlermade plain-text field invisible on submit
2009-04-08 Thomas Schmidtcleanup js code, add and remove mce editors for ajax...
2009-04-08 Thomas Schmidtuse rails tags to include js
2009-04-08 Thomas Schmidtkeep rails 2.2 compatible code for now
2009-04-08 Dominik HeidlerResolved little bug in content get of tiny_mce
2009-04-08 Dominik Heidlertiny-mce for editing features
2009-04-08 Dominik HeidlerMade tiny_mce submit working
2009-04-08 Dominik HeidlerIntegrated tiny_mce
2009-04-07 Thomas Schmidtfix links
2009-04-07 Andre Duffeckadd linebreak
2009-04-06 Thomas Schmidtdebug log tags
2009-04-06 Thomas Schmidtinsert fields at the right place
2009-04-06 Thomas Schmidtnotes for rails 2.3 migration
2009-04-06 Thomas Schmidtrequire post request to save
2009-04-03 Thomas Schmidtlink feeds from webfate startpage
2009-04-03 Andre DuffeckAdd a "All tags" page which is linked from the tag...
2009-04-03 Andre Duffeckwe don't need no error-prone regexps here
2009-04-02 Thomas Schmidtadd symlink to stay backwards compatible
2009-04-02 Thomas Schmidtcontroller is renamed in rails 2.3
2009-04-02 Thomas Schmidtfix tags
2009-04-02 Thomas Schmidti broke it
2009-04-02 Thomas Schmidtfix some syntax problems
2009-04-02 Thomas Schmidtfix some syntax problems
2009-03-31 Thomas Schmidtsort users
2009-03-31 Thomas Schmidtformatting
2009-03-31 Andre Duffeckinclude a graph in the statistics
2009-03-30 Thomas Schmidtadd a statistic page for the newsletter team
2009-03-30 Andre Duffeckalways set non-persistant data
2009-03-27 Thomas Schmidtadd an openid consumer. Login works, but we have troubl...
2009-03-27 Thomas Schmidtextract login method, allow session based login without...
2009-03-26 Thomas Schmidtmake it all protected
2009-03-25 Thomas Schmidtset partner products, use longnames
2009-03-25 Thomas Schmidtinherit privacy state from parent comment
2009-03-25 Thomas Schmidtset the clientstring for xslt transformation
2009-03-25 Thomas Schmidtskip loading votes for empty resultsets
2009-03-25 Thomas Schmidtadd get_query_all method so that the keeper can shortcu...
2009-03-24 Thomas Schmidthide the actor edit in partnerfate
2009-03-23 Thomas Schmidtremove relationeditor from openfate until it's implemen...
2009-03-23 Thomas Schmidtthe ids are numeric
2009-03-23 Thomas Schmidtonly openfate needs membership
2009-03-20 Thomas Schmidtlink to the wiki docu
2009-03-20 Thomas Schmidtadvertise the search engine
2009-03-20 Thomas Schmidttell about openfate
2009-03-20 Thomas Schmidttell about hermes
2009-03-20 Thomas Schmidtuse the rails tag
2009-03-20 Thomas Schmidtuse the rails tag
2009-03-20 Dominik HeidlerAdded link-tags for browser-search-bar for partnerfate
2009-03-19 Thomas Schmidtrequire auth earlier
2009-03-19 Dominik HeidlerCHanged Template for xml search bar
2009-03-19 Andre Duffeckadd support for tag queries
2009-03-18 Thomas Schmidtfix query bug
2009-03-18 Thomas Schmidtadd note, remove empty text
2009-03-18 Andre Duffeckfix notag query
2009-03-17 Thomas Schmidtmake reject comment and duplicateid editable in webfate
2009-03-17 Thomas Schmidtmap candidate state
2009-03-17 Thomas Schmidtremove the category line for now
2009-03-17 Thomas Schmidtfix typo, fix catching http errors