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2009-07-17 Thomas Schmidtadd hackweek routes
2009-06-08 Dominik Heidlercorrection on r7509
2009-06-08 Dominik HeidlerWe should use feature_v12
2009-05-15 Dominik HeidlerUpgrade to feature_v13
2009-04-08 Thomas Schmidtkeep rails 2.2 compatible code for now
2009-04-06 Thomas Schmidtset featureadmin as error receiver
2009-04-02 Thomas Schmidtmove seperator handling to routes.rb to work wih rails 2.2
2009-03-23 Thomas Schmidtobsolete in rails 2.2
2009-03-20 Thomas Schmidtcan run in a subdir
2009-03-12 Thomas Schmidtdon't offer attachment relation
2009-03-06 Thomas Schmidtroute not needed
2009-03-06 Thomas Schmidtunused route
2009-03-06 Thomas Schmidtimprove config
2009-03-04 Thomas Schmidtmake the edit links toggle the fields, work on product...
2009-03-01 Thomas Schmidtdon't load obsolete categories file
2009-02-19 Thomas Schmidtconfig option to overwrite app type
2009-02-18 Andre Duffeckset relationtypes
2009-02-13 Andre Duffeckdynamically generate the xslt parameters from the relat...
2009-01-26 Andre Duffeckadd field for the taggingserver secret
2009-01-26 Andre Duffeckfix for broken utf8-decoding in json data in rails
2009-01-23 Andre Duffeckautocompletion for tags
2009-01-22 Andre Duffeckinitial integration with the taggingserver
2009-01-21 Thomas Schmidtprepare routing to files,
2009-01-21 Thomas Schmidtinitial openfate checkin
2009-01-21 Thomas Schmidtinitial openfate checkin