2012-01-12 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch '2.0' master
2012-01-12 Thomas Schmidtuse the right client string
2011-11-29 Thomas Schmidtfix syntax
2011-11-29 Thomas Schmidtone more
2011-11-29 Thomas Schmidtone more
2011-11-29 Thomas Schmidtmore studio filters
2011-11-29 Thomas Schmidtfilter out studio products
2011-11-17 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch '2.0'
2011-11-17 Thomas Schmidtno double escape of title
2011-11-17 Thomas Schmidtalso show userfind errors
2011-11-17 Thomas Schmidtmake search robust against unavailable tagging server
2011-10-27 Thomas Schmidtadd banner for 12.1
2011-09-21 Thomas Schmidtfix print views
2011-09-21 Thomas Schmidtremove unneeded files
2011-09-21 Thomas Schmidtupdate susepaste url
2011-09-20 Thomas Schmidtcreate features for searched products
2011-09-20 Thomas Schmidtupdate jquery-mobile to 1.0 beta3
2011-09-20 Thomas Schmidtupdate jquery to 1.6.4
2011-09-20 Thomas Schmidtupdate text for new hackweek
2011-09-20 Thomas Schmidtadd image
2011-09-20 Thomas Schmidtadd hackweek 7 text
2011-08-05 Thomas Schmidtescape parameter for regexp
2011-08-01 Thomas Schmidtonly show active features in top features box
2011-07-28 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch '2.0'
2011-06-30 Thomas Schmidtadd
2011-06-29 Thomas Schmidtno paginate
2011-06-29 Thomas Schmidtimprove user management page
2011-05-23 Thomas Schmidtupdate product for top-voted widget
2011-05-23 Thomas Schmidtupdate theme
2011-05-23 Thomas Schmidtuse piwik in mobile view
2011-04-11 Thomas Schmidtuse new piwik
2011-04-11 Thomas Schmidtadd new partner image
2011-03-31 Thomas Schmidtadding POS products to query list in partnerfate
2011-03-17 Thomas Schmidtbetter readable user list
2011-03-16 Thomas Schmidtupdate theme
2011-03-16 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch '2.0'
2011-03-15 Thomas Schmidtallow edit of blank testcase/usecase
2011-03-14 Thomas Schmidtfix bnc#678504, setting testcase, using tag like string...
2011-03-11 Thomas Schmidtdisplay architectures
2011-03-09 Thomas Schmidtadd indicator for reject reason
2011-03-08 Thomas Schmidtadd image sizes
2011-03-07 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch '2.0' 2.5
2011-03-07 Thomas Schmidtavoid division by zero
2011-03-07 Thomas Schmidtimprove text
2011-03-03 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch '2.0'
2011-03-03 Thomas Schmidtadd missing role technicalcontact to webfate
2011-03-03 Thomas Schmidtadd missing role technicalcontact to webfate
2011-03-02 Thomas Schmidtadd rubygem-builder requirement
2011-02-24 Thomas Schmidtonly fetch title for valid feature ids
2011-02-23 Thomas Schmidtcoloured logging
2011-02-23 Thomas Schmidtmove generic webwrapper stuff to seperate class
2011-02-21 Thomas Schmidttitles are already escaped
2011-02-16 Thomas Schmidtfix for old features without date
2011-02-16 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch '2.0'
2011-02-16 Thomas Schmidtadd release notes editor
2011-02-11 Thomas Schmidtimprove statistic view
2011-02-11 Thomas Schmidtimprove frontpage texts
2011-02-10 Thomas Schmidtremove generated files
2011-02-10 Thomas Schmidtuse target=4, makes screen useable on larger devices
2011-02-10 Thomas Schmidtuse piwik async
2011-02-08 Thomas Schmidtremove obs stuff from app
2011-02-08 Thomas Schmidtupdate jquery-mobile
2011-02-08 Thomas Schmidtadd piwik tracking
2011-02-08 Thomas Schmidtadd piwik tracking test
2011-02-08 Thomas Schmidtparenthesize
2011-02-08 Thomas Schmidtadd validation state
2011-02-08 Thomas Schmidtremove mobile-fu
2011-02-08 Thomas Schmidtparenthesize
2011-02-01 Thomas Schmidtadd files for obs app
2011-02-01 Thomas Schmidtglobal gitignore
2011-02-01 Thomas Schmidtignore bin/ and res/
2011-01-28 Thomas Schmidtremove footer
2011-01-28 Thomas Schmidtupdate plugin
2011-01-27 Thomas Schmidtcenter content
2011-01-27 Thomas SchmidtAdded android wrapper app
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtremove garbage
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtlogin dialog
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtreturn to start page
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtupdate mobile views
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtupdate plugin
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtadd plugin to repo
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtadd new mobile views, add product statistics
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtuse has_mobile_views plugin
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtmove mobile views
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtmove mobile views
2011-01-25 Thomas Schmidtadd has_mobile_views plugin
2011-01-21 Thomas Schmidtremove google analytics
2011-01-21 Thomas Schmidthandle unavailable mobile views
2011-01-21 Thomas Schmidtfirst codedrop of mobile version
2011-01-20 Thomas Schmidtupdate jquery
2011-01-20 Thomas Schmidtupdate jquery
2011-01-20 Thomas Schmidtallow images from
2011-01-20 Thomas Schmidtadd slimbox preview for image relations
2011-01-20 Thomas Schmidtadd slimbox2
2011-01-20 Thomas Schmidtadd rails_xss files
2011-01-20 Thomas Schmidtupdate rails_xss plugin
2011-01-18 Thomas Schmidtextend time for showing old products
2011-01-18 Thomas Schmidtfix get_author_name
2011-01-18 Thomas Schmidtfix reformat of links
2011-01-18 Thomas Schmidtfactor out method