- don't say to download cpio (why just one package ?;)
[opensuse:osc.git] / osc-wrapper.py
2011-07-13 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/osc
2011-07-08 Sascha PeilickePEP8-ified parts of the code.
2009-10-20 Pavol Rusnakcode cleanup
2009-07-12 Marcus Hüwe- use the default enconding if LANG is not set
2009-07-06 Susanne OberhauserWork around funny python 2.6 default unicode unawarenes...
2008-04-28 Dr. Peter PoemlMerged revisions 3774-3775,3779,3781-3782,3787,3789...
2007-04-24 Dr. Peter PoemlComplete rewrite of the internal commandline handling...
2006-10-10 Dr. Peter Poeml- rewrite configuration handling
2006-07-15 Dr. Peter Poemlset svn:executable property on osc-wrapper.py
2006-05-19 Dr. Peter Poeml0.3
2006-05-10 Dr. Peter Poeml- reorganize source to build a python module