auto commit
[opensuse:package-lists.git] /
2011-10-15 Stephan Kulowadd base list to the dvd
2011-03-05 Stephan Kulowfilter in
2011-01-17 Stephan Kulowhave a little test case for minimal
2010-11-21 Stephan Kulowquick fix for images
2010-08-26 Stephan Kulowfix filenames
2010-08-26 Stephan Kulowcreate a live cd list without bundles
2010-06-19 Stephan Kulowadd base list for kde unstable repo
2010-04-28 Stephan Kulowauto commit
2009-10-08 Stephan KulowRevert "remove the opensuse/"
2009-10-08 rootremove the opensuse/
2009-10-08 rootmove all one up