2010-11-11 Marcus Meissner\1 -> $1
2010-11-11 Marcus Meissnerfall back to reading via osc ls , osc cat if the "whole...
2010-10-06 Marcus Meissnerdb update
2010-10-06 Marcus Meissnerhandle only numeric versions or ones starting with "v"
2010-08-19 Marcus Meissnerdb updated
2010-07-23 Marcus Meissnercurrent db state
2010-07-23 Marcus Meissnerdisable debug, make casing of name better
2010-05-19 Marcus Meissnerdb update
2010-05-19 Marcus Meissnerremove dont notify setting
2010-04-26 Marcus Meissnerdb update
2010-04-26 Marcus Meissnerhandle error gracefully
2010-04-26 Marcus Meissnername
2010-04-26 Marcus Meissneradded new opendesktop rss feed reader
2010-04-16 Marcus Meissnerdb update
2010-04-16 Marcus Meissnersome stability fixes ..
2010-04-16 Marcus Meissnerignore _ versions, these are defvelopment snaps usually
2010-03-18 Marcus Meissnerupdated db
2010-03-18 Marcus Meissneruse fast-xml query for names/versions.
2010-03-18 Marcus Meissnerfilter monotone
2010-03-05 Marcus Meissnerdb update
2010-02-24 Marcus Meissnerdatabase update push
2010-01-22 Marcus Meissneradded libspe2 and spu-tools
2010-01-18 Marcus Meissnerdatabase update
2010-01-04 Marcus Meissnerdb update
2009-12-24 Marcus Meissnerupdated datasets
2009-11-25 Marcus Meissnerdb updates
2009-11-25 Marcus Meissnersf reports directrories different today
2009-11-25 Marcus Meissneradd x-packagehunter header
2009-11-15 Marcus Meissnerdatabase update
2009-10-31 Marcus Meissnercurrent data
2009-10-31 Marcus Meissneradded clamav -> secteam
2009-10-31 Marcus Meissnerfixed endless loop
2009-10-31 Marcus Meissnerfixed new devel xml
2009-10-21 Marcus Meissnercurrent database
2009-09-27 Marcus Meissnerdb update
2009-09-27 Marcus Meissnerglib is glib2 here
2009-09-23 Marcus Meissnerdatabase update
2009-09-21 Marcus Meissnerdatabase update
2009-09-17 Marcus Meissnerdatabase update
2009-09-17 Marcus Meissnerparse xml better (should use XML::Parser perhaps, yes)
2009-09-17 Marcus Meissnerparse more versions
2009-09-10 Marcus Meissnerupdated data
2009-09-09 Marcus Meissnerdatabase update
2009-09-09 Marcus Meissneronly handle entries younger than 2 days.
2009-09-08 Marcus Meissnerfixed version/name stuff
2009-09-08 Marcus Meissnerfixes to work better
2009-09-08 Marcus Meissnerhandle versions that contain the package name
2009-09-08 Marcus Meissnerdatabaseupdarte
2009-09-08 Marcus Meissnerdisable debug
2009-09-08 Marcus Meissneralso check "pre" as prerelease prefix
2009-09-08 Marcus Meissnernew SF RSS poll script. Parses the "monitoring" of...
2009-09-07 Marcus Meissnerdatabase update
2009-08-30 Marcus Meissnercommit current datafiles
2009-08-30 Marcus Meissnerset Precedence: bulk
2009-08-28 Marcus Meissnerupdated
2009-08-27 Marcus Meissnerupdated data
2009-08-25 Marcus Meissnerupdated datasets
2009-08-24 Marcus Meissnerdisable for all but marcus
2009-08-24 Marcus Meissnercron and procmail snippets added
2009-08-24 Marcus Meissneradded
2009-08-24 Marcus Meissnerinitial import of my scripts