2010-10-05 Ludwig Nusselupdate path to gnome-pty-helper (bnc#634199)
2010-09-22 Ludwig Nusselvlock -> vlock-main (bnc#629236)
2010-04-23 Ludwig Nusseladd lockdev (bnc#588325)
2010-04-07 Ludwig Nusselupdate for innd update (bnc#594393)
2010-01-28 Ludwig Nusselremove lppasswd (bnc#574336)
2009-10-26 Ludwig Nusseladd example suexec line with warning
2009-10-07 Ludwig Nusseladd /usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxNetAdpCtl (bnc#533550)
2009-08-27 Ludwig Nusseladd /usr/src/packages/BUILDROOT/ for rpm 4.7
2009-08-26 Jan-Simon Mölleradd more arm directories to /usr/src/packages/RPMS/
2009-08-24 Ludwig Nusselremove permissions handling for traceroute6 and cdrecor...
2009-08-20 Ludwig Nusselfix weird sendfax permissions (bnc#530649)
2009-08-19 Ludwig Nusseladd Makefile
2009-08-19 Ludwig Nusseladd script to create tar archive
2009-08-19 Marcus Meissneradded polkit setuid root helpers after review (bnc...
2009-08-19 Marcus Meissneralso added KDE4 start_kdeinit (same source as kde3...
2009-08-19 Marcus Meissneropen-vm-tools gets setuid root:root in mode easy (bnc...
2009-07-28 Ludwig Nusseladd mkchanges script from boot.crypto
2009-07-28 Ludwig Nusselhylafax directory permissions are handled by the package
2009-07-28 Ludwig Nusselchange group of amanda binaries (bnc#523006)
2009-07-22 Ludwig Nusselstart