add some debugging capabilities in generated code
[opensuse:polkit-default-privs.git] / chkstat-polkit
2013-02-25 Ludwig Nusseladd some debugging capabilities in generated code
2013-02-22 Ludwig Nusseldon't Data::Dump, was for debugging only
2013-02-21 Ludwig Nusselgenerate javascript files for new polkit (bnc#804376)
2012-01-18 Ludwig Nusselanother try to fix the address
2012-01-18 Ludwig Nusselfix FSF address
2011-02-08 Ludwig Nusseldon't set PolicyKit privileges if PolicyKit isn't insta...
2010-09-21 Ludwig Nusseluse unix-group instead of unix-user for polkit-1 overri...
2009-08-28 Ludwig Nusselpolkit-1 support
2008-10-27 Ludwig Nusselcombine privilege settings from multiple files (bnc...
2008-09-04 Ludwig Nusselrename files