2013-03-05 Ludwig Nusselmove default rules to '90', bnc#807097
2013-02-26 Ludwig Nusselset logind inhibit policies to upstream defaults
2013-02-26 Ludwig Nusselmore elaborate --check-override option
2013-02-25 Ludwig Nusseladd some debugging capabilities in generated code
2013-02-22 Ludwig Nusseldon't Data::Dump, was for debugging only
2013-02-21 Ludwig Nusselfix restrictive privileges
2013-02-21 Ludwig Nusselgenerate javascript files for new polkit (bnc#804376)
2013-02-21 Ludwig Nusselimplement check for overrides
2013-02-19 Marcus Meissnerwhitelist PackageKit / systemd offline update permissio...
2012-11-03 Marcus Meissnermore systemd allows to make rpmlint happier bnc#783897
2012-11-02 Marcus Meissnernew systemd privileges, mostly allowing applications...
2012-10-24 Marcus Meissneradded polkit default privs for GNOME control-center...
2012-10-23 Marcus Meissneradded new udisks2 policykit privileges at lowest settin...
2012-10-16 Marcus Meissner12.3 is next opensuse
2012-10-16 Marcus Meissnerallow realtimekit desktop permission (bnc#753849)
2012-10-16 Marcus Meissnerfixed typo
2012-07-12 Marcus Meissnerallow logged in users to update the system via online...
2012-07-05 Marcus Meissnerrelax colord after auditing
2012-06-05 Ludwig Nusselfix script name in sysconfig file (bnc#765227)
2012-05-15 Ludwig Nusseladd more udisks2 privileges (bnc#761872)
2012-03-29 Ludwig Nusseladd (bnc#753908)
2012-03-29 Ludwig Nusseladd org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.wacom.wacom-led...
2012-02-29 Ludwig Nusseladd smb4k (bnc#749065)
2012-02-29 Ludwig Nusseladd udisks2 (bnc#742751)
2012-01-18 Ludwig Nusselanother try to fix the address
2012-01-18 Ludwig Nusselfix FSF address
2012-01-18 Ludwig Nusseladd (bnc#742024)
2011-12-01 Ludwig Nusseladd
2011-11-23 Ludwig Nusselset version to 12.2
2011-11-23 Ludwig Nusselremove obsolete moblin privileges
2011-11-23 Ludwig Nusselallow org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Device.Control ...
2011-11-23 Ludwig Nusselallow setting the system's time zone (bnc#731812)
2011-11-23 Ludwig Nusselchange NetworkManager policies (bnc#716291)
2011-10-28 Ludwig Nusselfix logind privileges to be consistend with consolekit... openSUSE_12.1
2011-10-26 Ludwig Nusselset org.freedesktop.accounts.change-own-user-data to...
2011-08-23 Ludwig Nusselrename gnome backlight-helper privilege (bnc#712841)
2011-08-05 Ludwig Nusseladd org.kde.kalarmrtcwake.settimer (bnc#707723)
2011-07-28 Ludwig Nusselset NetworkManager.settings.modify.{own,system} to...
2011-07-28 Ludwig Nusselmore sytemd/logind privileges (bnc#641924)
2011-07-27 Ludwig Nusselbetter change backlight to no:no:yes
2011-07-27 Ludwig Nusselchange inactive backlight helper privileges to 'no...
2011-07-27 Ludwig Nusselremove hal privileges
2011-07-21 Ludwig Nusseladd scripts for better packaging
2011-07-21 Ludwig Nusselset org.freedesktop.accounts.user-administration to...
2011-07-14 Ludwig Nusseladd more systemd privileges (bnc#705677)
2011-07-07 Ludwig Nusselset org.gnome.gconf.defaults.* to auth_admin_keep ...
2011-06-16 Ludwig Nusseladd colord (bnc#698250)
2011-05-16 Ludwig Nusselwebyast shutdown privs (bnc#687807)
2011-05-05 Ludwig Nusseladd org.freedesktop.ModemManager.USSD (bnc#691896)
2011-05-05 Ludwig Nusselmore systemd stuff (bnc#641924)
2011-05-02 Ludwig Nusseladd account services (bnc#676638)
2011-05-02 Ludwig Nusseladd NetworkManager.settings.modify.hostname (bnc#680140)
2011-05-02 Ludwig Nusseladd org.opensuse.cupspkhelper.mechanism.all-edit (bnc...
2011-04-28 Ludwig Nusselnew gnome-settings-daemon settings (bnc#690496)
2011-04-26 Ludwig Nusseladd urfkill (bnc#688328)
2011-03-16 Ludwig Nusseladd some new NetworkManager privileges (bnc#680140)
2011-03-07 Ludwig Nusselallow org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Device.Info for...
2011-02-15 Ludwig Nusselkde backlight helper (bnc#672145)
2011-02-15 Ludwig Nusselfix script to deal with duplicate entries
2011-02-15 Ludwig Nusseladd webyast network module
2011-02-14 Ludwig Nusselmore webyast
2011-02-09 Ludwig Nusselanother webyast action
2011-02-08 Ludwig Nusseladd webyast-base-ws (bnc#660981)
2011-02-08 Ludwig Nusseldon't set PolicyKit privileges if PolicyKit isn't insta...
2011-01-26 Ludwig Nusselallow setting the backlight without authentication
2011-01-21 Ludwig Nusseladd xfce4-power-manager (bnc#665169)
2010-12-15 Ludwig Nusseladd org.freedesktop.packagekit.upgrade-system (bnc...
2010-11-24 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-10-19 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-09-21 Ludwig Nusseluse unix-group instead of unix-user for polkit-1 overri...
2010-08-06 Ludwig Nusseladd org.kde.kcontrol.kcmkdm
2010-08-06 Ludwig Nusselorg.gnome.clockapplet.mechanism -> org.gnome.settingsda...
2010-06-17 Ludwig Nusselchange org.opensuse.cupspkhelper.mechanism.* to auth_ad...
2010-04-06 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-04-01 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-03-26 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-02-25 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-01-25 Ludwig Nusseldocument that /sbin/set_polkit_default_privs needs...
2009-10-22 Ludwig Nusselallow users to set the drive spindown time (bnc#548858) openSUSE_11.2
2009-10-06 Ludwig Nusseladd more privileges from Factory
2009-08-28 Ludwig Nusseladd new policies from Factory
2009-08-28 Ludwig Nusselpolkit-1 support
2008-12-11 Ludwig Nusseladd privileges silently indroduced by new hal SLES11
2008-11-25 Ludwig Nusseladd missing cupspkhelper privileges openSUSE_11.1
2008-11-20 Ludwig Nusselgit-rev-list -> git rev-list
2008-11-20 Ludwig -> org.opensuse...
2008-11-04 Ludwig Nusselcorrect comment for POLKIT_DEFAULT_PRIVS
2008-10-28 Ludwig Nusseladd system-config-printer and a few more hal device...
2008-10-27 Ludwig Nusselcombine privilege settings from multiple files (bnc...
2008-10-24 Ludwig Nusselfix some wrong privilege settings
2008-09-17 Ludwig Nusselcreate mandir
2008-09-17 Ludwig Nusselalso add the generated files to avoid dependencies
2008-09-17 Ludwig Nusseladd some manpages
2008-09-16 Ludwig Nusseladd backup-manager
2008-09-16 Ludwig Nusseladd COPYING file (bnc#425444)
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselallow setting the sytem timezone and installing updates...
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselan attempt to integrate with rpmbuild
2008-09-04 Ludwig Nusselcreate dir
2008-09-04 Ludwig Nusselrename
2008-09-04 Ludwig Nusselnot needed, now in