kinternet: replace Qt3-compatibility-classes with Qt4-classes
[opensuse:qinternet.git] / src / kinternet.cpp
2009-09-04 Frank Schaeferkinternet: replace Qt3-compatibility-classes with Qt4...
2009-08-31 Frank Schaeferadd missing menu-icons for non-KDE-build
2009-08-18 Frank Schaeferfixed some compiler-warnings
2009-08-18 Frank Schaeferfixed system-tray-icon: overlay with addon-icons (deman...
2009-04-29 Ludwig Nusselfix use of undefined operation (bnc#498273)
2008-04-28 Ludwig Nusselfix dial prefix menu item not greyed out when it should be
2008-04-25 Ludwig Nusseldisable wireless support for now
2008-04-24 Ludwig Nusseluse plain mode if no system tray is available
2008-04-24 Ludwig Nusseluse passive popup for error messages if trayicon is...
2008-04-24 Ludwig Nusseldifferent icon for unkown autoserver status
2008-04-24 Ludwig Nusselfirst set icon, then show
2008-04-24 Ludwig Nusselbetter debug function
2008-04-24 Ludwig Nusseldon't segfault if server is NULL
2008-04-24 Ludwig Nusselenable yast configuration
2008-04-24 Ludwig Nusselmove files from kinternet to src