2008-04-11 Ludwig Nusselinclude limit.h to fix build with glibc 2.8 master
2008-02-26 Ludwig Nussels/info.bus/info.subsystem/
2008-01-31 Ludwig Nusseldon't fetch supplementary groups for root to prevent...
2007-10-19 Ludwig Nusselonly resolve groups if they are actually needed due...
2007-10-19 Ludwig Nusselmake library depend on map file
2007-10-19 Ludwig Nusselremove svc_accept from exported list
2007-10-19 Ludwig Nusselfix memleak with scandir()
2007-09-10 Ludwig Nusselremove traces of libtool
2007-08-02 Ludwig Nusselresmgr 1.1 symbols
2007-08-02 Ludwig Nusselsupport user and group names of arbitrary length (...
2007-06-11 Ludwig Nusselremove references to usbraw hack
2007-04-16 Ludwig Nusselstart processes asynchronous
2007-03-12 Ludwig Nusseladd troubleshooting faq
2007-02-28 Ludwig Nusselmove hal-resmgr configuration examples to top level
2007-02-07 Ludwig Nussel- add hal-resmgr docu
2007-01-16 Ludwig Nusseladd exec_prefix to pkgconfig file (patch by Andreas...
2006-11-30 Ludwig Nusselfix quoting in pam module as well
2006-11-29 Ludwig Nussellink against libpam (#224429)
2006-11-28 Ludwig Nusselproperly quote user names that contain backslashes...
2006-10-23 Ludwig Nusselintroduce class remote-x-desktop for remote X logins
2006-10-23 Ludwig Nusseladd warning to all error cases
2006-10-18 Ludwig Nusselremove docu about obsolete commands
2006-09-29 Ludwig Nusseladd note about resmgr's name
2006-09-29 Ludwig Nusselupdate documentation
2006-09-28 Ludwig Nusseldirectly check fs for rsm_test instead of calling the...
2006-09-07 Ludwig Nusselmake it c++ compatible again
2006-09-06 Ludwig Nussellibacl is no longer needed
2006-09-06 Ludwig Nusselremove all features dealing with device handling
2006-09-05 Ludwig Nussel- fix 'classes' command
2006-09-01 Ludwig Nusseladd list users command
2006-09-01 Ludwig Nusselcompute output of help command dynamically
2006-08-29 Ludwig Nusseldocument environment variables for ongrant/onrevoke
2006-08-29 Ludwig Nusselset close on exec flag
2006-08-29 Ludwig Nusseladd ongrant and onrevoke commands for running external...
2006-08-29 Ludwig Nussellist only granted classes when a user calls the functio...
2006-08-29 Ludwig Nusselexperimental list_classes and test commands
2006-08-29 Ludwig Nusseltrack granted classes per session and revoke access...
2006-08-25 Ludwig Nusseldefine BITS_PER_LONG if not defined
2006-06-30 Ludwig Nussel- remove support for families other than file
2006-06-26 Ludwig Nusselallocate lock file name only when the lock file is...
2006-06-23 Ludwig Nusseldetermine 'canonical' user name in case multiple users...
2006-06-21 Ludwig Nusselsupport user names that contain spaces
2006-06-21 Ludwig Nusselenable pam module by default
2006-06-20 Ludwig Nusseldon't create temporary pid file
2006-06-01 Ludwig Nusselalso sync png file
2006-06-01 Ludwig Nusselupdate docu
2006-05-23 Ludwig Nussel- linux/usbdevice_fs.h needs linux/compiler.h for __use...
2006-05-11 Ludwig Nusseldon't use single byte reads via recvmsg() (#167537)
2006-05-10 Ludwig Nusselfix small memleak
2006-04-24 Ludwig Nusselfix "resmgr grant" not granting access to subclasses...
2006-02-17 Ludwig Nussel- fix resmgrd granting access to all usb devices (...
2006-02-15 Ludwig Nusselmap requests for usb:/proc/bus/usb/* to usb:/dev/bus...
2006-01-25 Ludwig Nusselfix build of pam module
2006-01-25 Ludwig Nusselintroduce class audioplayer, include class audioplayer...
2006-01-13 Ludwig Nusselfix filedescriptor leak (#143058)
2006-01-04 Ludwig Nusselprevent ACL error message spam if /dev doesn't support...
2005-12-14 Ludwig Nusselfix fallback to chown if fs is lacking ACL support...
2005-09-28 Ludwig Nusselfix implicit declaration on big endian machines
2005-09-27 Ludwig Nusseldon't log error message when removing an ACL on a non...
2005-09-27 Ludwig Nusselresmgr.pc depends on Makefile so version changes are...
2005-09-15 Ludwig Nusselread class from interface definition if descriptor...
2005-08-24 Ludwig Nusselalways fetch all device attributes from /proc/bus/usb...
2005-08-24 Ludwig Nusselappend new devices to get the exclude/add order right
2005-08-23 Ludwig Nusselfix access flags on devices without explicit family...
2005-08-17 Ludwig Nusseladd pda class (#104426)
2005-08-17 Ludwig Nusseluse svnversion
2005-08-05 Ludwig NusselEINTR is the correct signal
2005-07-31 Ludwig Nusselfix adding files with family specified
2005-07-31 Ludwig Nusseldisable config reload upon SIGHUP, doesn't work anyways
2005-07-31 Ludwig Nusselcheck for libacl
2005-07-31 Ludwig Nusseladd command to sync to forge homepage
2005-07-19 Ludwig Nussel- properly clean up file ACLs on exit
2005-07-14 Ludwig Nusseladd example
2005-07-14 Ludwig Nusseluse LN_S
2005-07-14 Ludwig Nusseladd script to check library symbols
2005-07-13 Ludwig Nusseldistribute stylesheet
2005-07-13 Ludwig Nusseladd pkgconfig file
2005-07-13 Ludwig Nusseladd
2005-07-13 Ludwig Nusseladd
2005-07-13 Ludwig Nusseladd
2005-07-13 Ludwig Nussel- use automake
2005-07-12 Ludwig Nusseluse docbook-xml for docu
2005-07-08 Ludwig Nusselrestrict allowed characters in class names
2005-07-06 Ludwig Nusselcheck symbols only on i386
2005-06-30 Ludwig Nusseladd parameter to specify state dir
2005-06-30 Ludwig Nusseluse symbol versioning for private functions
2005-06-30 Ludwig Nusseluse useradd
2005-06-30 Ludwig Nusselfix testsuite
2005-06-30 Ludwig Nussellimit exit code range
2005-06-30 Ludwig Nusseldon't use config directory if a config file was specifi...
2005-06-30 Ludwig Nusselforce logout on tty if root logs in a new user on that tty
2005-06-29 Ludwig Nussel- allow to dump runtime added devices, static devices...
2005-06-29 Ludwig Nusseladd dump command
2005-06-29 Ludwig Nusseluse standard names for directory variables, use automak...
2005-06-29 Ludwig Nusselallow families other than file to be added at runtime
2005-06-28 Ludwig Nusseluse proper cast against strict-aliasing problems
2005-06-28 Ludwig Nusseluse Make.config to be able to set CFLAGS etc without...
2005-06-28 Ludwig Nusseltouch file /var/run/resmgr/$CLASS/$USER when $USER...
2005-06-28 Ludwig Nusselallow to match for remote host and pam service
2005-06-28 Ludwig Nusselscan /etc/resmgr.conf.d for additional config files