add support for patterns
[opensuse:software-o-o.git] / app / controllers / download_controller.rb
2011-07-22 Pavol Rusnakadd support for patterns
2011-07-22 Pavol Rusnakchange the download page if there are no packages to...
2011-07-22 Thomas Schmidtadd layout for download page
2011-07-20 Thomas Schmidtvalidate pkg and prj parameters
2011-07-20 Thomas Schmidtprovide view also in software.o.o layout
2011-07-19 Pavol Rusnakadd caching to download widget
2011-07-18 Pavol Rusnakuse the whole section line for showing/hiding content
2011-07-18 Pavol Rusnakget rid of multiple get_from_api definitions, put it...
2011-07-18 Pavol Rusnakminor changes in download page
2011-07-14 Pavol Rusnakreplace fake data with the real API calls
2011-07-13 Pavol Rusnakintroduce flavors (distro groups)
2011-07-12 Pavol Rusnakadd first version of the download screen
2011-07-11 Pavol Rusnakadd basic changes that allow download page feature