use gem.require, fix caching
[opensuse:software-o-o.git] / app / controllers /
2009-10-19 Thomas Schmidtuse gem.require, fix caching
2009-10-19 Stephan Kulowfix caching
2009-10-19 Stephan Kulowmore translations
2009-10-19 Stephan Kulowfix typo
2009-10-19 Stephan Kulowredirect per language
2009-10-19 Stephan Kulowmake /developer2 translatable
2009-10-16 Stephan Kulowmake it work without javascript - at least the basics
2009-10-15 Stephan Kulowset the variables in the controller not in the view
2009-10-15 Thomas Schmidtcache download pages, remove unneeded .js, cleanup
2009-10-13 Thomas Schmidtfix search for multiple words, #505240
2009-10-13 Thomas Schmidtremove unused stuff
2009-10-09 Thomas Schmidtremember selected search distribution
2009-10-07 Thomas Schmidtdisable compression, fix syntax
2009-10-07 Thomas Schmidtremove session
2009-10-07 Thomas Schmidtfix old dists
2009-10-07 Thomas Schmidtfix query
2009-10-07 Thomas Schmidtorder stuff currently not used
2009-10-07 Andreas Bauer- small fixes
2009-04-29 Adrian Schröterrename application.rb to rails 2.3 compatible way,...
2009-04-06 Adrian SchröteropenSUSE 11.2 is our next release
2008-12-08 Andreas Bauer- send vary header on every request
2008-12-08 Andreas Bauer- added vary header when compressing
2008-12-08 Andreas Bauer- gzip-encode output
2008-12-08 Andreas Bauer- load prototype libs only on search page
2008-07-28 Andreas Bauer- fixed XSS vulnerability
2008-07-22 Andreas Bauer- promodvd stuff
2008-06-13 Andreas Bauer- migrated software.o.o to rails 2
2008-06-06 Adrian Schrötermove on from openSUSE 11.0 to 11.1
2008-05-14 Andreas Bauer- promodvd order form
2008-04-25 Andreas Bauer- fixed dynamic ymp path
2007-11-21 Andreas Baueroptimized search requests to api.o.o (largest strings...
2007-11-08 Andreas Bauergenerate ymp links without version and architectures...
2007-10-04 Andreas Bauer- added iso page for old distributions
2007-09-20 Aaron BockoverAdded 1-click install for fluendo mp3
2007-09-19 Aaron BockoverWorking codecs web app; logic, display, wording, and...
2007-09-17 Andreas Baueradded 10.3 to available repositories for search
2007-08-13 Aaron BockoverInitial revision of the codecs module
2007-08-09 Robert Lihm- changed link of 'Latest Development Version'
2007-08-09 Adrian Schröterups, the usual == vs = typo ...
2007-08-09 Adrian Schröteradd temporary compat hook for not yet existing "openSUS...
2007-08-09 Adrian Schröterallow setting default baserepo for search without query
2007-08-06 Andreas Bauersoftware.o.o initial checkin