fix the language box
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2009-11-27 Thomas Schmidtfix the language box
2009-11-11 Stephan Kulowremove linefeed in translation
2009-11-11 Stephan Kulowremove all extra (german only) information about the box
2009-11-09 Robert Lihmchanded product description for box
2009-11-09 Robert Lihmswitched box-order to 11.2
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulow- make the whole thing generic so it can also be used
2009-10-26 Stephan Kulowremove old links - they will be impossible to support...
2009-10-24 Stephan Kulowmore work on the help and other texts
2009-10-23 Stephan Kulowforgot to test ;(
2009-10-23 Stephan Kulowmake it valid
2009-10-22 Stephan Kulowshorten the texts
2009-10-19 Stephan Kulowmake /developer2 translatable
2009-10-19 Stephan Kulowported from prototype to jrails
2009-10-19 Thomas Schmidtremove jrails
2009-10-18 Stephan Kulowmake it use jquery (for now own copy)
2009-10-16 Stephan Kulowmove the noscript area into the template, not in the...
2009-10-15 Thomas Schmidtcache download pages, remove unneeded .js, cleanup
2009-10-13 Thomas Schmidtfix links for local setup
2009-09-02 Robert Lihmfixed typo
2009-09-02 Robert Lihmadded B1-systems to sponsor box
2009-04-06 Robert Lihmupdated link for "Official Manuals" to 11.1
2009-02-05 Robert Lihmfixed typo "Repository"
2009-02-05 Robert Lihm* added "Source Repositorie" for openSUSE 11.1 to left...
2009-01-27 Andreas Bauer- fixed search link (#441437)
2009-01-14 Andreas Bauer- added to layout
2009-01-08 Robert Lihmremoved free shipment note
2008-12-29 Christian Boltzfixed lots of broken links - bug 461353
2008-12-21 Christian Boltz- add links to the nonOSS Addon CD which were missing...
2008-12-19 Andreas Bauer- removed old/10.2
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* fixed shipment note
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* added free shipment note
2008-12-18 Robert Lihmchanged noscript to 11.1
2008-12-12 Robert Lihm* added pre-order 11.1 Box to right column
2008-06-25 Robert Lihmadded link to 10.3 downloadpage
2008-06-19 Andreas Bauerimages have moved from files.o.o to static.o.o
2008-06-19 Robert Lihmchanged few typos
2008-06-18 Robert Lihmchanged links at noscript-area to 11.0
2008-06-18 Robert Lihmchanged few links in the left col
2008-06-10 Robert Lihmadded Forums link
2008-05-23 Robert Lihm(fixed Bug 349096) changed box-title from 'Get Software...
2008-05-19 Thomas Schmidtuse images from static.o.o
2008-04-30 Robert Lihmchnged path of Novell to static.o.o-location
2008-01-28 Robert Lihmchanged 'openSUSE Wiki' and 'openSUSE Shop' to 'Shop...
2007-12-06 Robert Lihmadded favicon
2007-12-05 Robert Lihmadded shop to opensuse-box
2007-12-05 Robert Lihmadded update repo to left column
2007-12-05 Robert Lihmadded IE 4GB warning
2007-12-05 Klaas FreitagRemoved static last modified string
2007-11-26 Robert Lihmfixed Bug 343914
2007-11-26 Robert Lihmchanged sponsor logo
2007-11-08 Robert Lihm- changed Sponsor links
2007-10-31 Robert Lihmadded IP Exchange Logo to right column
2007-10-15 Robert Lihmupdated 'Official Manuals' link
2007-10-10 Robert Lihmchanged "Pre-order openSUSE" to "Buy openSUSE" in the...
2007-10-04 Andreas Bauermade expert link absolute
2007-10-04 Frank SundermeyerReplaced 10.2 with 10.3 in various locations
2007-10-04 Frank SundermeyerAdded 10.2 download link
2007-10-04 Frank SundermeyerFixed id naming bug and a tag typo
2007-10-04 Frank SundermeyerMinor fixes
2007-10-04 Frank SundermeyerUpdated to 10.3
2007-09-25 Robert Lihm- changed image to openSUSE 10.3 Box
2007-09-20 Andreas Bauerfixed wrong image extension
2007-09-14 Robert Lihm- changed link at "Buy openSUSE"
2007-08-15 Adrian Schröterpoint to the external package repo list in the wiki
2007-08-13 Andreas Bauerenabled help/expert pages
2007-08-13 Robert Lihm- added the Omnitue code to the main layout
2007-08-09 Adrian Schrötermake global link a local reference
2007-08-09 Robert Lihm- changed link of 'Latest Development Version'
2007-08-06 Andreas Bauersoftware.o.o initial checkin