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[opensuse:software-o-o.git] / config / environments /
2011-07-19 Thomas Schmidtadd support for http-auth access to software.o.o for...
2011-07-19 Pavol Rusnakuse nice version sorting on download page
2011-07-18 Pavol Rusnakget rid of multiple get_from_api definitions, put it...
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulowuse static correctly
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulowuse memcache to store the top_downloads for a while
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulowswitch to new themes repo
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulowuse stage env for stage
2009-12-03 Stephan Kulowconvert svn:ignore to gitignore
2009-10-20 Stephan Kulowfix rake test
2009-10-08 Thomas Schmidtconfigs
2009-10-07 Thomas Schmidtuse default api
2009-10-07 Andreas Bauer- no longer disable ActiveRecord
2008-07-22 Andreas Bauer- promodvd stuff
2007-10-04 Andreas Bauer- added iso page for old distributions
2007-08-06 Andreas Bauersoftware.o.o initial checkin