move the download javascript into an extra file
[opensuse:software-o-o.git] / config / routes.rb
2009-10-20 Stephan Kulowmove the download javascript into an extra file
2009-10-19 Stephan Kulowmake /developer2 translatable
2009-10-15 Stephan Kulowset the variables in the controller not in the view
2009-10-08 Thomas Schmidtfix ymp routes for rails 2.3.4
2009-10-07 Thomas Schmidtfix old dists
2008-07-22 Andreas Bauer- promodvd stuff
2008-06-13 Andreas Bauer- migrated software.o.o to rails 2
2008-05-14 Andreas Bauer- promodvd order form
2007-11-08 Andreas Bauernew ymp route
2007-10-04 Andreas Bauer- added iso page for old distributions
2007-08-13 Aaron BockoverInitial revision of the codecs module
2007-08-06 Andreas Bauersoftware.o.o initial checkin