add some memory logging support
[opensuse:software-o-o.git] / lib /
2010-02-19 Stephan Kulowadd some memory logging support
2010-02-11 Thomas Schmidtadd docu about translation
2009-12-04 Stephan Kulowadd submodule shared
2009-11-27 Thomas Schmidtremove activexml copy
2009-11-23 Stephan Kulowadd libxml backend
2009-11-03 Stephan Kulowgettext is touchy when it comes to _
2009-11-03 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-10-21 Stephan Kulowreduce output
2009-10-20 Stephan Kulowupdate translations
2009-10-20 Stephan Kulowupdate rake commands to work with out lcn svn
2009-10-19 Stephan Kulowmake /developer2 translatable
2009-10-08 Thomas Schmidtadd a patched activexml. Needs to merge and use it...
2009-10-08 Thomas Schmidtuse a new copy of activexml
2008-11-28 Susanne Oberhauser- use 'active_support' to get 'builder'
2007-08-06 Andreas Bauersoftware.o.o initial checkin