switch to .meta4 metalinks
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2010-12-16 Thomas Schmidtupdate theme
2010-12-16 Thomas Schmidtadd missing flags
2010-12-16 Thomas Schmidtmoved flags to subdir
2010-12-03 Thomas Schmidtinherit font from bento
2010-12-03 Thomas Schmidtupdate themes link
2010-11-23 Thomas Schmidtadd new google analytics code
2010-11-11 Thomas Schmidtadd firefox search
2010-10-26 Thomas Schmidtupdate theme
2010-07-01 Stephan Kulowrevert robert's use of git
2010-07-01 Robert Lihmadded min-height for medium-selection-boxes
2010-06-25 Thomas Schmidtdon't fix height, so all language texts fit in there
2010-06-25 Thomas Schmidtupdate theme
2010-06-25 Thomas Schmidtdon't fix this height
2010-06-22 Thomas Schmidtbasic support to search only in a special project
2010-06-21 Thomas Schmidtremove broken lines
2010-06-21 Thomas Schmidtupdate theme
2010-06-14 Thomas Schmidtadd filters for excluding home projects and debuginfo...
2010-06-14 Stephan Kulowrestore functionality without javascript
2010-06-14 Stephan Kulowdo not use pixel heights
2010-06-01 Thomas Schmidtfix the [more] link
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulowuse static correctly
2010-05-31 Robert Lihmfixed chrome bug with accordion.
2010-05-31 Robert Lihmchanged styles for accordion and buttons
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulowmake top queries differ in font size and make clicks...
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulowno longer read the prject cookie in rails
2010-05-31 Robert Lihmstyled selection area
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulowuse static by default
2010-05-31 Robert Lihmadded some media-styles and a ignore-file
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulowswitch to new themes repo
2010-05-31 Pavol Rusnakmerge search into mainpage, fix flags
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulowuse stage env for stage
2010-05-31 Pavol Rusnakfix problems with language
2010-05-31 Pavol Rusnakfinish adapting results page
2010-05-31 Pavol Rusnakwork on search dialog
2010-05-31 Pavol Rusnakuse new bento and finish the frontpage
2010-05-31 Pavol Rusnaksmall fixes to last commit
2010-05-31 Pavol Rusnakreplaced theme with bento one, change main application...
2010-05-31 Stephan Kulow- support derivates (patch from Samyak Bhuta)
2010-05-12 Stephan Kulowdisallow /search
2010-04-22 Stephan Kulowremember search queries - and their stats
2010-01-27 Thomas Schmidtignore files
2009-12-03 Stephan Kulowconvert svn:ignore to gitignore
2009-10-30 Stephan Kulowporting the more/less to jquery
2009-10-30 Robert Lihmadded mor whitespace above download-button
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulow- make the whole thing generic so it can also be used
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmchanged cursor for medium-selection
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmreplaced help icon
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmsyteled download-button
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmadded webkit css and changed color for unselected buttons
2009-10-29 Robert Lihm* styled buttons
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmadded highlighting for selected medium-button
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmadded and moved styles to css file
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulowtorrents for NET isos are not available
2009-10-24 Stephan Kulowmore work on the help and other texts
2009-10-23 Stephan Kulowforgot to test ;(
2009-10-23 Stephan Kulowmake it valid
2009-10-22 Stephan Kulowredo developer2 a bit
2009-10-18 Stephan Kulowmake it use jquery (for now own copy)
2009-10-15 Stephan Kulowadding a dummy prototype
2009-10-15 Thomas Schmidtremove old files
2009-10-07 Thomas Schmidtrails update
2009-10-07 Andreas Bauer- rails update
2008-12-29 Christian Boltzfixed lots of broken links - bug 461353
2008-12-21 Christian Boltz- add links to the nonOSS Addon CD which were missing...
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* added styles for metalinks in downloadpage
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* added metalink icon for hover in 12 x 12px
2008-12-18 Robert Lihmfixed broken torrent liks vor DVD
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* chnged links to 11.1 ISOs
2008-12-08 Robert Lihm* made developer page like reguralr openSUSE downloadpage
2008-07-23 Robert Lihm- changed all links to openSUSE 11.0
2008-06-19 Robert Lihmchanged few typos
2008-05-19 Thomas Schmidtuse images from static.o.o
2008-05-19 Robert Lihmchanged left margin of 1-clicl-install button
2008-05-19 Robert Lihmadded new 1-click-install button
2008-04-28 Robert Lihmaligned new spinner
2008-04-28 Robert Lihmchanged image paths to static.o.o
2008-04-24 Robert Lihmswitched back to yaml2
2008-04-24 Robert Lihmfixed wrong filename
2008-04-24 Robert Lihmadded absolut paths
2008-04-24 Robert Lihmchange location of favicon
2008-02-18 Frank Sundermeyers/10.2/10.3g
2007-12-17 Robert Lihmchanged position of OBS Project link
2007-12-06 Robert Lihmadded favicon
2007-12-05 Robert Lihmadded shop to opensuse-box
2007-11-26 Robert Lihmchanged paginators left/right graphic
2007-11-05 Robert Lihm- added Live CDs
2007-10-31 Robert Lihmadded IP Exchange Logo to right column
2007-10-04 Frank SundermeyerUpdated to 10.3
2007-10-04 Christoph Thielmedia help updated to 10.3
2007-08-06 Robert Lihmadded link to project/repo in search result
2007-08-06 Robert Lihmfixed result float problem.
2007-08-06 Andreas Bauersoftware.o.o initial checkin