2011-08-01 Pavol Rusnakchange error message as well
2011-08-01 Pavol Rusnakaccept also '012345' values for download page color...
2011-07-27 Stephan Kulowgerman javascript translations
2011-07-27 Stephan Kulowtranslate javascript texts too
2011-07-27 Stephan Kulowone more string to translate
2011-07-27 Stephan Kulowupdate mo files
2011-07-27 Stephan Kulowmake the strings translatable
2011-07-25 Pavol Rusnakadd more precise selectors to css
2011-07-25 Pavol Rusnakuse >> instead of > for appending to sources.list
2011-07-25 Pavol Rusnakmake {a,b,f,h}color variables configurable
2011-07-25 Pavol Rusnakuse simple links for download package links
2011-07-25 Pavol Rusnakuse apt-add-repository for ubuntu in install instructions
2011-07-22 Stephan Kulowwe only list the summary of 3 months, so keeping more...
2011-07-22 Stephan Kulowstop storing visitors - only increases our mysql storage
2011-07-22 Stephan Kulowinclude copy of activexml from buildservice
2011-07-22 Pavol Rusnakfix problem with showing packages
2011-07-22 Pavol Rusnakapply workaround for pattern search
2011-07-22 Pavol Rusnakadd support for patterns
2011-07-22 Pavol Rusnakchange the download page if there are no packages to...
2011-07-22 Thomas Schmidtadd layout for download page
2011-07-21 Thomas Schmidthandle nothing found gracefully
2011-07-21 Thomas Schmidtadd missing attribute 'type'
2011-07-21 Thomas Schmidtdo not conflict with installed rails3
2011-07-21 Pavol Rusnakdon't show 'yum update' on yum distros
2011-07-20 Pavol Rusnakfix version_sort for tumbleweed
2011-07-20 Thomas Schmidtfix border
2011-07-20 Thomas Schmidtless error info for the user
2011-07-20 Thomas Schmidtadd missing file
2011-07-20 Thomas Schmidtvalidate pkg and prj parameters
2011-07-20 Thomas Schmidtfix margin for layout version
2011-07-20 Thomas Schmidtprovide view also in software.o.o layout
2011-07-19 Stephan KulowMilestone3
2011-07-19 Thomas Schmidtfix check
2011-07-19 Thomas Schmidtadd options.yml, add option for running in /stage
2011-07-19 Thomas Schmidtadd support for http-auth access to software.o.o for...
2011-07-19 Thomas Schmidtadd nice logging
2011-07-19 Thomas Schmidtuse the latest activexml
2011-07-19 Pavol Rusnakadd caching to download widget
2011-07-19 Pavol Rusnakuse nice version sorting on download page
2011-07-18 Pavol Rusnakuse the whole section line for showing/hiding content
2011-07-18 Pavol Rusnakget rid of multiple get_from_api definitions, put it...
2011-07-18 Pavol Rusnakminor changes in download page
2011-07-14 Pavol Rusnakreplace fake data with the real API calls
2011-07-14 Pavol Rusnakcollapsable sections, don't use html5 data tag (for...
2011-07-13 Pavol Rusnakdetect flavors from useragent
2011-07-13 Pavol Rusnakintroduce flavors (distro groups)
2011-07-12 Pavol Rusnakadd first version of the download screen
2011-07-11 Pavol Rusnakadd basic changes that allow download page feature
2011-07-11 Pavol Rusnakadd rubygem-delayed_job to README
2011-06-22 Stephan Kulowmilestone2
2011-06-20 Andreas JaegerWe're out of PromoDVDs.
2011-06-07 Thomas Schmidtspelling
2011-06-07 Andreas JaegerAdd note that we're nearly out of media.
2011-06-02 Stephan Kulowwer hat an der Uhr gedreht? It's past 12!
2011-05-31 Stephan Kulowfactory is 12.1 now
2011-05-17 Thomas Schmidtuse labels for search checkboxes
2011-04-20 Thomas Schmidtfix username
2011-04-20 Thomas Schmidtmove up links for license and release notes
2011-04-20 Stephan Kulowadapt deployment script to mod_rails
2011-04-12 Thomas Schmidtfix warning for development version
2011-04-12 Thomas Schmidtuse new opensuse piwik
2011-04-12 Thomas Schmidtupdate translations
2011-04-07 Thomas Schmidtcorrect errormessage about unresponding backend
2011-04-07 Thomas Schmidtremove piwik for now
2011-04-05 Thomas Schmidtdon't send the people directly to the wiki, but tell...
2011-03-31 Thomas SchmidtMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2011-03-31 Andreas JaegerUpdate based on comments by Bryen.
2011-03-31 Thomas Schmidtremove myself from mails
2011-03-30 Thomas Schmidtuse language names instead of flags, gets us out of...
2011-03-24 Thomas Schmidtset reply-to
2011-03-23 Thomas Schmidtlatest promodvd changes from aj
2011-03-23 Thomas Schmidtsupport /promodvds
2011-03-22 Thomas Schmidtupdate promodvd text
2011-03-22 Thomas Schmidtenable promodvd route
2011-03-22 Thomas Schmidtchange text
2011-03-18 Thomas Schmidtchange template
2011-03-18 Thomas Schmidtupdate promo dvd template
2011-03-18 Thomas Schmidtadd note for promodvd module
2011-03-18 Thomas Schmidtmake list nicer, require gettext_activerecord
2011-03-17 Thomas Schmidtupdated promodvd order pages
2011-03-17 Thomas Schmidtnew column 'material'
2011-03-17 Thomas Schmidttranslations
2011-03-14 Thomas Schmidtprepare promodvd order
2011-03-14 Thomas Schmidtupdate translations
2011-03-14 Thomas Schmidtfix installation help url
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtupdate translations, fix spanish string
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtfix layout of noscript area
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtadd missing field
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtfix 114/ route
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtdefault search for 11.4
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtfix kde link
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtenable 11.4, redirect developer version to wiki
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtfix routes
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtmove helper method where we can access it
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtfix division by zero
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtadd generic release route
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtupdate translations
2011-03-10 Stephan Kulowremove duplicated require
2011-03-10 Stephan Kulowadrian tried to create a delayed job for the download...
2011-03-09 Thomas Schmidtupdate germen translation