2009-02-15 Adrian SchröterAdd Debian 5.0
2009-02-05 Robert Lihmfixed typo "Repository"
2009-02-05 Robert Lihm* added "Source Repositorie" for openSUSE 11.1 to left...
2009-01-27 Andreas Bauer- fixed search link (#441437)
2009-01-14 Andreas Bauer- added to layout
2009-01-14 Adrian Schröterremove Fedora 8
2009-01-08 Robert Lihmremoved free shipment note
2009-01-07 Adrian Schröterswitch to 11.1 as default
2009-01-07 Adrian Schröterremove obsolete 10.2 and before hint
2008-12-29 Christian Boltzfixed lots of broken links - bug 461353
2008-12-29 Christian Boltzfixed lots of broken links - bug 461353
2008-12-21 Christian Boltz- add links to the nonOSS Addon CD which were missing...
2008-12-21 Christian Boltz- add links to the nonOSS Addon CD which were missing...
2008-12-19 Andreas Bauer- removed old/10.2
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* fixed shipment note
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* added free shipment note
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* added metalinks
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* added styles for metalinks in downloadpage
2008-12-18 Robert Lihmfixed metalink
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* added metalink icon for hover in 12 x 12px
2008-12-18 Andreas Bauer- fixed page title
2008-12-18 Robert Lihmfixed broken torrent liks vor DVD
2008-12-18 Robert Lihm* chnged links to 11.1 ISOs
2008-12-18 Robert Lihmchanged noscript to 11.1
2008-12-18 Robert Lihmchanged links to 11.1
2008-12-12 Robert Lihm* added pre-order 11.1 Box to right column
2008-12-10 Robert Lihm* Fixed wrong path for NonOSS media
2008-12-08 Robert Lihm* made developer page like reguralr openSUSE downloadpage
2008-12-08 Andreas Bauer- send vary header on every request
2008-12-08 Andreas Bauer- added vary header when compressing
2008-12-08 Andreas Bauer- gzip-encode output
2008-12-08 Andreas Bauer- load prototype libs only on search page
2008-12-08 Andreas Bauer- layout without references to the prototype/scriptacul...
2008-12-05 Adrian Schröter* remove openSUSE 10.2
2008-11-28 Susanne Oberhauser- use 'active_support' to get 'builder'
2008-11-27 Stephan Kulowreplace RC1.1 with RC1 :)
2008-11-27 Stephan Kulowreplace Beta5 with RC1
2008-11-17 Andreas JaegerPPC Beta5.1
2008-11-13 Andreas JaegerUpdate for Beta5.
2008-11-13 Andreas JaegerUpdate for Beta5.
2008-11-13 Andreas JaegerUpdate for Beta5.
2008-11-13 Andreas JaegerUpdate for Beta5.
2008-11-12 Stephan Kulowpreparing beta4 -> beta5
2008-11-07 Andreas Bauer- fixed links to download.o.o repositories (#442644)
2008-11-03 Stephan Kulowbeta3 -> beta4
2008-10-31 Christoph Thielx86_64 liveCDs are back
2008-10-22 Christoph Thielfix links
2008-10-22 Christoph Thieldisable x86_64 LiveCDs for Beta3
2008-10-22 Christoph Thielupdate for Beta3
2008-10-19 Adrian SchröterEnd of live:
2008-10-07 Christoph Thiellivecd is back
2008-10-03 Christoph ThielBeta2
2008-09-19 Christoph ThielBeta1
2008-09-10 Robert Lihmremoved broken CD links
2008-08-20 Christoph ThielopenSUSE 11.1 Alpha2
2008-08-01 Martin Lasarsch- added pause page
2008-07-28 Andreas Bauer- fixed XSS vulnerability
2008-07-25 Christoph Thielfix version number
2008-07-24 Christoph ThielopenSUSE 11.1 Alpha1
2008-07-23 Robert Lihm- changed all links to openSUSE 11.0
2008-07-23 Andreas Bauer- more corrections
2008-07-23 Martin Lasarsch- corrections, added state
2008-07-22 Andreas Bauer- promodvd stuff
2008-07-17 Andreas Bauer- changed subject of promodvd order mail
2008-07-17 Martin Lasarsch- corrections from michl
2008-07-07 Andreas Bauer- fixed counting error when pattern/binarylist has...
2008-06-25 Robert Lihm- unified names of CDs
2008-06-25 Robert Lihmadded link to 10.3 downloadpage
2008-06-25 Robert Lihmchanded verson info to 11.0
2008-06-25 Andreas Baueradded old page for 10.3
2008-06-19 Andreas Bauer- replaced dummy text
2008-06-19 Andreas Bauerimages have moved from files.o.o to static.o.o
2008-06-19 Robert Lihmchanged few typos
2008-06-19 Robert Lihmfixed tyo in link
2008-06-18 Robert Lihmchanged links at noscript-area to 11.0
2008-06-18 Robert Lihmchanged few links in the left col
2008-06-18 Robert Lihmchanged links to 11.0, noscript is missing
2008-06-18 Adrian SchröterFedora 7 is discontinued
2008-06-13 Andreas Bauer- migrated software.o.o to rails 2
2008-06-10 Robert Lihmadded Forums link
2008-06-09 Marcus Rueckert- properly quote user input
2008-06-06 Adrian Schröterour new default is 11.0 (not deployed yet)
2008-06-06 Adrian Schrötermove on from openSUSE 11.0 to 11.1
2008-05-29 Marcus Rueckert- s/Beta3/RC1/g
2008-05-29 Adrian Schröteradd openSUSE:11.0 project
2008-05-23 Robert Lihm(fixed Bug 349096) changed box-title from 'Get Software...
2008-05-19 Thomas Schmidtuse images from static.o.o
2008-05-19 Robert Lihmchanged left margin of 1-clicl-install button
2008-05-19 Robert Lihmadded new 1-click-install button
2008-05-17 Adrian Schröteradd Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 9
2008-05-15 Andreas Bauer- added database indizes for codec application
2008-05-15 Stephan Kulowbeta3
2008-05-15 Stephan Kulows,beta2,beta3
2008-05-14 Andreas Bauer- promodvd order form
2008-05-02 Stephan KulowBeta2
2008-04-30 Robert Lihmchnged path of Novell to static.o.o-location
2008-04-28 Robert Lihmaligned new spinner
2008-04-28 Robert Lihmchanged image paths to static.o.o
2008-04-25 Andreas Bauer- fixed dynamic ymp path
2008-04-24 Robert Lihmswitched back to yaml2