2011-08-30 Duncan Mac... Merge branch 'master' of master
2011-08-30 Duncan Mac... update versions in gemspec
2011-08-30 Michael Calmeruse again old driver name
2011-08-29 Michael Calmerenable database feature again after fixing
2011-08-29 Michael CalmerSID changed if we use full oracle DB for testing
2011-08-29 Michael Calmeruse the provided sid to connect the DB
2011-08-29 Michael CalmerCapybara::Driver::Selenium renamed to Capybara::Seleniu...
2011-08-23 Michael Calmersome quick fixes
2011-08-01 Bo MaryniukSome more checks...
2011-08-01 Bo MaryniukInitial XML-RPC checks for "system" namespace.
2011-07-29 Bo MaryniukAdded XML-RPC checks for "user: name space.
2011-07-29 Johannes RennerMove @xmlrpc to the feature level
2011-07-29 Johannes RennerAdd scenario to test parent and child channels
2011-07-28 Johannes RennerAdd @xmlrpc annotations
2011-07-28 Johannes RennerAdd new features for testing database availability...
2011-07-28 Johannes RennerMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-07-28 Johannes RennerCreate a feature for testing the 'channel' namespace
2011-07-28 Michael Calmerseems we use user testing and not admin
2011-07-28 Bo MaryniukMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-28 Bo MaryniukAdded some more XML-RPC checks for "activationkey"...
2011-07-28 Uwe Gansertmoved cobbler-systemrecord test
2011-07-27 Bo MaryniukMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-27 Bo MaryniukBegan working on "activationkey" namespace for XML...
2011-07-27 Johannes RennerPartly fix the @cobbler_ui tests
2011-07-27 Bo MaryniukMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-27 Bo MaryniukCompleted test for "api" namespace of XML-RPC API.
2011-07-27 Uwe Gansertadded kernel option to profiles
2011-07-27 Bo MaryniukTest of "api" namespace of XML-RPC API.
2011-07-26 Uwe Gansertadded variable test for wizard profile
2011-07-26 Uwe Gansertadded variable test
2011-07-25 Uwe GansertPXE tests enhanced
2011-07-25 Michael CalmerCopy Sandbox file to Centrally-Managed test
2011-07-25 Michael Calmeradd test for import via filename
2011-07-25 Uwe GansertPXE test fixed
2011-07-22 Uwe Gansertpxe_env test enhanced
2011-07-22 Michael Calmertest import changed file into local sandbox
2011-07-22 Michael Calmertest for "Change local file and compare"
2011-07-22 Michael Calmernew step definition for checking a checkbox in a table
2011-07-22 Uwe Gansertcheck the pxe default file
2011-07-22 Uwe Gansertkickstart tests fixed
2011-07-21 Michael Calmertest deployment
2011-07-21 Michael Calmerallow config-actions and remote-commands
2011-07-21 Uwe Gansertremote file existence tests added
2011-07-21 Michael Calmernew test_config_channel feature
2011-07-21 Michael Calmermove delete system from conf channel before re-registration
2011-07-21 Michael Calmermove feature mgr-bootstrap after walk_hrefs
2011-07-20 Michael Calmerget stderr in error output
2011-07-20 Michael Calmeradd mgr-bootstrap feature
2011-07-19 Michael Calmerwait longer before calling rhn_check
2011-07-19 Michael Calmernew mgr-bootstrap feature
2011-07-19 Michael Calmercreate activation keys with package for installation
2011-07-19 Michael Calmerfix exception for rpm execute
2011-06-10 Michael Calmerfix walk hrefs
2011-06-10 Johannes RennerAdd a feature for testing custom system infos
2011-06-10 Johannes RennerAdd a feature for testing the deletion of a system...
2011-06-10 Michael Calmeruncheck MonitoringScout
2011-06-10 Michael Calmerwait 10 seconds not needed anymore
2011-06-10 Michael Calmerfix typo
2011-06-10 Michael Calmerretry 10 times to reach the login page; sleep 5 seconds...
2011-06-10 Michael Calmertry to get usefull output on error
2011-06-10 Michael Calmerfix metadata refresh
2011-06-09 Michael Calmerwait after restart spacewalk service - tomcat may need...
2011-06-08 Michael Calmerrestart spacewalk after monitoring is enabled; move...
2011-06-07 Michael Calmeradd push_package feature to testrun
2011-06-07 Michael Calmeradd test for rhnpush with not set vendor
2011-04-19 boFixed the Rakefile for the PostgreSQL required "pg...
2011-04-18 Michael Calmerfix clone channel feature
2011-04-18 Michael Calmerfix errata steps
2011-04-18 Michael Calmerfix check_registration feature
2011-04-18 boRemoved previous Oracle test suite code.
2011-04-18 boMoved low-level DB check to the features.
2011-04-18 Michael Calmerfix I should see package with new capybara
2011-04-18 Michael Calmermore fixes
2011-04-18 Michael Calmerfix userdetails bugs introduced by new capybara
2011-04-18 Michael Calmernew capybara differ between check and uncheck for check...
2011-03-28 Duncan Mac... select browser in the "right way" (TM)
2011-03-22 Michael Calmeruse galaxy-noise
2011-02-21 Johannes Rennerreplace 'errata update' with 'patch update'
2011-02-21 Johannes Rennerreset features to use errata again instead of patches
2011-02-21 Johannes Rennerinclude errata/patches in rebranding support
2011-02-15 Michael Calmerchange test of var/www and add optional output of calli...
2011-02-15 Hubert Mantelextend crawler: Fail test if page contains the string...
2011-02-14 Michael Calmerdir was renamed from redhat/ to packages/
2011-02-14 Michael Calmermove ncc-sync test to the end
2011-02-11 Michael Calmerfix freezing ssh tests
2011-02-07 Hubert Manteladded monitoring tests and needed steps
2011-02-03 Michael Calmerfixed one more channel label
2011-02-03 Michael Calmeruse new channel names
2011-02-03 Michael Calmeradd waits to install errata
2011-02-03 Johannes Rennermove call of debrand_string
2011-02-03 Johannes Rennerdebrand strings in certain content and navigation steps
2011-02-03 Johannes Renneradd simple support for string debranding in env.rb
2011-01-25 Michael Calmerchecksum is now SHA1
2011-01-25 Johannes Rennerrename errata to patches
2011-01-25 Johannes Rennerrename errata to patches
2011-01-24 Michael Calmerchange checksum to sha1
2011-01-24 Johannes Renner"Errata" is now called "Patches" in the UI
2011-01-19 Duncan Mac... clarify test/oracle license
2011-01-19 Duncan Mac... add license information to open the repository
2011-01-19 Michael Calmercall the correct list option