2011-05-27 Pavol Rusnakuse wiki.o.o instead of en.o.o
2011-05-27 Petr Uzelhandle %patch -P <num> properly and improve patch test
2011-05-27 Petr Uzeltests: fix patches test
2011-05-02 Vincent UntzVersion 0.2 spec-cleaner-0.2
2011-05-02 Vincent UntzPut pkgconfig()-style package names at the end of their...
2011-04-26 Pavol Rusnakstart writing proof of concept of rewrite
2011-04-22 Pavol Rusnaknew dos2unix testcase
2011-03-28 Pavol RusnakMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-28 Pavol Rusnakadd .spec extension to spec files (to make syntax highl...
2011-03-10 Pavol Rusnakadd FDL licenses (patch by securelinux)
2011-03-10 Pavol RusnakMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2011-03-10 Pavol Rusnaksmall changes
2011-01-24 Mariusz Fikuse spaces instead tabs 1
2011-01-21 Pavol Rusnakcut summary after the first dot
2011-01-15 Vincent UntzAdd a bug and a change we could do in TODO
2011-01-11 Vincent UntzAlso replace plain %patch to %patch0
2010-12-14 Mariusz Fikupdated url for PATCH-MISSING-TAG
2010-12-01 Pavol Rusnaksmall fixes in pkgconfig symbols
2010-12-01 Pavol Rusnakadd more pkgconfig symbols
2010-12-01 Pavol Rusnakput brackets around %name, %version, %release, ...
2010-12-01 Petr UzelAdd --diff and --diff-prog options
2010-12-01 Pavol Rusnakadd first batch of xfce-related libraries
2010-11-10 Pavol Rusnakstart replacing requirements for pkgconfig() symbols
2010-11-10 Pavol Rusnaksimplify headers in unittests too
2010-11-10 Pavol Rusnakrequire -k param for unit tests to keep failed diffs
2010-11-10 Pavol Rusnakmake header much more simple
2010-10-27 Pavol Rusnakforgot one case
2010-10-27 Pavol Rusnakadd test for testing make parameters (fails too atm...
2010-10-25 Pavol Rusnakadd test for patches replacement
2010-10-24 Pavol Rusnakreplace Patch: with Patch0:, replace %patch with %patch0
2010-10-24 Pavol Rusnakunify formatting
2010-10-24 Pavol Rusnakfix missing \
2010-10-23 Pavol Rusnakremove #usedforbuild as well
2010-10-23 Pavol Rusnakstart using unit tests :-)
2010-10-23 Pavol Rusnakuse parser.print_help() if there is wrong number of...
2010-10-23 Vincent UntzAdd TODO note about %py_requires
2010-10-23 Pavol Rusnakuse dictionary while replacing utility macros
2010-10-22 Vincent UntzReplace %makeinstall by %make_install
2010-10-22 Vincent UntzDo not check for AutoReqProv in %install
2010-10-22 Vincent UntzAlso handle suse_version
2010-10-20 Pavol Rusnakremove spec-polish-macros script as it is already merge...
2010-09-30 Vincent UntzAdd --version and use 0.1 as initial version for spec... spec-cleaner-0.1
2010-07-19 Pavol Rusnakfix license headers
2010-06-29 Pavol Rusnakhandle initddir
2010-06-15 Pavol Rusnakwe use short licenses now and _smp_mflags too
2009-09-18 Vincent UntzExpand ~/ instead of crashing
2009-09-04 Vincent UntzAdd TODO
2009-08-27 Vincent UntzSupport %ifnarch too
2009-08-25 Vincent UntzHandle %ifarch (the same way as %if)
2009-08-21 Vincent UntzMake the cleaning of description less aggressive
2009-08-21 Vincent UntzFix %package lines being moved while they shouldn't
2009-08-18 Vincent UntzAdd spec-cleaner script
2009-08-17 Pavol Rusnakadd spec-polish-macros