Add --version and use 0.1 as initial version for spec-cleaner
[opensuse:spec-cleaner.git] / spec-cleaner
2010-09-30 Vincent UntzAdd --version and use 0.1 as initial version for spec... spec-cleaner-0.1
2010-07-19 Pavol Rusnakfix license headers
2010-06-29 Pavol Rusnakhandle initddir
2010-06-15 Pavol Rusnakwe use short licenses now and _smp_mflags too
2009-09-18 Vincent UntzExpand ~/ instead of crashing
2009-08-27 Vincent UntzSupport %ifnarch too
2009-08-25 Vincent UntzHandle %ifarch (the same way as %if)
2009-08-21 Vincent UntzMake the cleaning of description less aggressive
2009-08-21 Vincent UntzFix %package lines being moved while they shouldn't
2009-08-18 Vincent UntzAdd spec-cleaner script