Use spdx identifier for licenses
[opensuse:spec-cleaner.git] / tests /
2011-09-12 Pavol Rusnakrework requires testcase
2011-05-27 Pavol Rusnakuse wiki.o.o instead of en.o.o
2011-05-27 Petr Uzelhandle %patch -P <num> properly and improve patch test
2011-05-27 Petr Uzeltests: fix patches test
2011-04-22 Pavol Rusnaknew dos2unix testcase
2010-12-01 Pavol Rusnakadd more pkgconfig symbols
2010-11-10 Pavol Rusnakstart replacing requirements for pkgconfig() symbols
2010-11-10 Pavol Rusnaksimplify headers in unittests too
2010-11-10 Pavol Rusnakrequire -k param for unit tests to keep failed diffs
2010-10-27 Pavol Rusnakforgot one case
2010-10-27 Pavol Rusnakadd test for testing make parameters (fails too atm...
2010-10-25 Pavol Rusnakadd test for patches replacement
2010-10-23 Pavol Rusnakstart using unit tests :-)