2010-11-10 Ludwig Nusselcheck whether IPv6 support is available when stopping... SLE-10-SP4
2010-11-10 Ludwig Nusselremove kernel ipv6 module detection (bnc#617033)
2010-11-10 Ludwig Nusselcheck status of SuSEfirewall2 without triggering module...
2010-11-10 Ludwig Nusseldon't check for /proc/net/stat/nf_conntrack when checki...
2010-11-10 Ludwig Nusseldon't modify the ip local port range SLE-10-SP2 SLE-10-SP3
2010-11-10 Ludwig Nusseldon't try to load ip6tables modules if ipv6 is disabled... SLE-10-SP3-GA
2010-11-10 Ludwig Nusselauto detect bridge interfaces and permit traffic
2006-06-06 Ludwig Nusselinstall rule for interface 'any' last in order to make... SLE-10-GA
2006-05-22 Ludwig Nusselfix FW_FORWARD not working with ipsec flag (#170530)
2006-03-30 Ludwig Nussel- correct docu for FW_KERNEL_SECURITY SLE-10-tar
2006-03-30 Ludwig Nussel- don't change igmp_max_memberships (#162086)
2006-03-29 Ludwig Nussel- introduce FW_FORWARD_ALWAYS_INOUT_DEV for use with...
2006-03-06 Ludwig Nussellog and drop multicast packets separately to not flood...
2006-03-02 Ludwig Nussel- don't try to use v6 state matching if /proc/net/stat...
2006-02-20 Ludwig Nussel- allow FW_FORWARD_MASQ without FW_MASQ_NETS
2006-02-17 Ludwig Nusselnot needed
2006-02-01 Ludwig Nusselip6t_state is now included in xt_state
2006-01-10 Ludwig Nusseldon't change setting for ECN and TCP syncookies as...
2006-01-03 Ludwig Nusselpackage directory with correct version
2006-01-03 Ludwig Nusseluse svn revision in archive name
2006-01-03 Ludwig Nusselfix initscript status reporting (#124869)
2005-08-01 Ludwig Nussel- fall back to normal iptables if iptables-batch fails
2005-08-01 Ludwig Nusseldon't load ftp conntrack helpers by default
2005-08-01 Ludwig Nusselmove docu generation rules into separate file
2005-07-12 Ludwig Nusseldiscard errors from rpcinfo as some people don't have...
2005-07-05 Ludwig Nusseldon't print warning if ipv6 support is disabled
2005-06-30 Ludwig Nusselmark FW_ALLOW_INCOMING_HIGHPORTS_* as deprecated
2005-06-28 Ludwig Nusselpermit empty port in FW_TRUSTED_NETS
2005-06-28 Ludwig Nusseladd target to sync to forgeftp
2005-06-15 Ludwig Nusselinstall symlinks like they are in the rpm package
2005-06-15 Ludwig Nusselnew example for FW_TRUSTED_NETS
2005-06-15 Ludwig Nusselfix FW_ALLOW_INCOMING_HIGHPORTS_UDP
2005-05-09 Ludwig Nusseluse /var/log/firewall
2005-05-09 Ludwig Nusselfix check for iptables-batch
2005-04-22 Ludwig Nusseluse iptables-batch by default if available
2005-04-19 Ludwig Nussel- add batch commits to stop and close
2005-04-18 Ludwig Nusselreally use full path
2005-04-11 Ludwig Nusseluse full path to getopt and logger (#76703)
2005-03-31 Ludwig Nusselfix FW_ALLOW_CLASS_ROUTING (#75319)
2005-03-30 Ludwig Nusselremove $PERSFWCONFIG, not used anymore
2005-03-16 Ludwig Nussel- include all sysctl in FW_KERNEL_SECURITY (#61429)
2005-03-14 Ludwig Nusselchange stylesheet to make programlistings have a grey...
2005-03-14 Ludwig Nusselfix reversed reject logic with ipv6 (#72414)
2005-03-11 Ludwig Nusseladd desktop file for susehelp
2005-03-01 Ludwig Nusseldefine ipsec matching parameters even if ipsec gets...
2005-02-21 Ludwig Nussel- reorder rule creation to keep window where packets...
2005-02-18 Ludwig Nusseladd port to FW_FORWARD reply packet match rule
2005-02-17 Ludwig Nusselmore examples
2005-02-17 Ludwig Nusseladd wlan interface to example
2005-02-17 Ludwig Nusselpackage style sheet
2005-02-16 Ludwig Nusselpackage new docbook docu
2005-02-16 Ludwig Nusselconvert readme as docbook
2005-02-16 Ludwig Nusseladd docbook-xml docu
2005-02-03 Ludwig Nussel- disable workaround for #46818
2005-02-01 Ludwig Nussel- move conversion of old broadcast variables into separ...
2005-01-31 Ludwig Nusselparse zones before interface evaluation
2005-01-28 Ludwig Nusselfix init script requirement
2005-01-26 Ludwig Nussel- allow to define additional zones through FW_ZONES
2005-01-25 Ludwig Nusselbe more specific about deprecated variables
2005-01-25 Ludwig Nusselswitch to silent if not run from a tty
2005-01-21 Ludwig Nusselallow protocols without port in FW_DROP*
2005-01-13 Ludwig Nusseladd note about inconsistent iptables behavior (#49739)
2005-01-11 Ludwig Nusselallow source port in FW_SERVICES_{REJECT,DROP}
2005-01-11 Ludwig Nussel- implement FW_SERVICES_ACCEPT_*
2005-01-11 Ludwig Nussel- add -q option
2005-01-05 Ludwig Nussel- do not load ipv6 modules if FW_IPv6=no (#47545)
2004-12-08 Ludwig Nusseladd qdisc file
2004-12-08 Ludwig Nusselmove qdisc settings into separate file
2004-12-08 Ludwig Nusselfix FW_PROTECT_FROM_*
2004-12-07 Ludwig Nusselonly create zones that are actually needed
2004-12-07 Ludwig Nusselsplit broadcast stuff into separate zone specific variables
2004-12-06 Ludwig Nusselremove zones that are set to no protection from list...
2004-12-06 Ludwig Nusseldo not discriminate int, ext, dmz anymore
2004-12-06 Ludwig Nusselmake FW_ALLOW_PING_* generic
2004-12-03 Ludwig Nusselallow same icmp replies in forward chain as in input...
2004-12-03 Ludwig Nusselremove comment
2004-12-03 Ludwig Nusselremove quickmode from config file
2004-12-02 Ludwig Nusselremove no longer supported variables
2004-12-02 Ludwig Nusselmatch redirected packets with fwmark so the port does...
2004-12-02 Ludwig Nusselmove remaining functions to dynamic zones
2004-12-02 Ludwig Nusseldrop icmp output rules, accept always
2004-12-02 Ludwig Nussel- first steps towards dynamic zone names
2004-12-01 Ludwig Nusselfix install target
2004-12-01 Ludwig Nusselmove function call further down
2004-12-01 Ludwig Nusselversion 3.3
2004-12-01 Ludwig Nussel- drop quickmode and personal firewall compat
2004-11-02 Ludwig Nusselanother helptext fix
2004-11-02 Ludwig Nusselfix some misleading comments
2004-10-12 Ludwig Nussel- don't drop INVALID packets explicitly but rather...
2004-09-28 Ludwig Nusseladd missing space (thx Andreas Schwab)
2004-09-28 Ludwig Nusselallow ESTABLISHED,RELATED tcp and udp always (#46237)
2004-09-27 Ludwig Nussel- some typo fixes from Volker Kuhlmann
2004-09-22 Ludwig Nusselfix opening ports in zones other than external (#45776)
2004-09-20 Ludwig Nusselfix output log message
2004-09-20 Ludwig Nusselbetter detection if state matchin is supported
2004-09-14 Ludwig Nusseldo not set ip_conntrack_max (#44846)
2004-09-14 Ludwig Nusselimplement open parameter
2004-09-03 Ludwig Nusseladd "on" and "off" parameters to add or remove initscripts
2004-09-03 Ludwig Nusseldetect whether to use iptables or ip6tables in FW_SERVI...
2004-08-30 Ludwig Nusselset FW_MASQ_DEV to zero if personal-firewall is enabled...