2011-02-01 Ludwig Nusselupdate copyright openSUSE-11.4
2011-02-01 Ludwig Nusselintroduce rpcusers file to allow statd to run as non...
2011-01-19 Ludwig Nusseladd zonein and zoneout parameters for FW_FORWARD
2011-01-19 Togan Muftuoglufix typos
2011-01-10 Ludwig Nusseldon't start in runlevel 4 by default (bnc#656520)
2011-01-10 Ludwig Nusselcut off long zone names (bnc#644527)
2011-01-10 Ludwig Nusselfix and enhance output of log command (bnc#663262)
2010-12-02 Ludwig Nusseldon't unload rules when using systemd
2010-11-16 Ludwig Nussellist some known rpc services as Should-Start
2010-10-11 Ludwig Nusseldon't filter outgoing packets at all
2010-09-27 Ludwig Nusselfix example (bnc#641907)
2010-08-09 Ludwig Nusselfix status check in SuSEfirewall2_init (bnc#628751)
2010-06-29 Ludwig Nusselinstall to correct dir
2010-06-29 Ludwig Nusselremove "batch committing..." message
2010-06-29 Ludwig Nusselread defaults from separate file
2010-06-29 Ludwig Nusselwarn if highports config options are set
2010-06-29 Ludwig Nusselfinally drop 'highports' misfeature
2010-06-29 Ludwig NusselMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-06-28 Ludwig Nusselremove kernel ipv6 module detection (bnc#617033)
2010-06-28 Ludwig Nusselsilence warning about default zone (bnc#616841)
2010-06-15 Ludwig NusselSuSEfirewall2-open: don't add values multiple times
2010-05-31 Jan EngelhardtUse multiprotocol xt_conntrack
2010-05-31 Ludwig Nusselonly directories in /sys/class/net are real interfaces openSUSE-11.3
2010-03-19 Ludwig Nusselupdate docu
2010-03-19 Ludwig Nusselclean up FAQ
2010-03-19 Ludwig Nusselscript for changelog entries
2010-03-19 Ludwig Nusseladd entry about drbd to FAQ
2010-03-19 Ludwig Nusselimplement FW_BOOT_FULL_INIT
2010-02-16 Ludwig Nusseladd script to publish docu
2010-02-16 Ludwig Nusselremove more useless numbers
2010-02-16 Ludwig Nusselinstall doc files
2010-02-16 Ludwig Nusselupdate docu comments
2010-02-16 Ludwig Nusselbe explicit about what kind of port is meant
2009-10-28 Ludwig Nusselrebuild docu
2009-10-28 Ludwig Nusselnew script to create snapshots switch-to-git
2009-09-15 Ludwig Nusselfurther polishing of log drop policy
2009-09-15 Ludwig Nusselfix spelling error in sysconfig file (bnc#537427)
2009-09-15 Ludwig Nusseldrop multicast packets silently (bnc#538053)
2009-07-27 Ludwig Nusselremove some debug messages
2009-07-27 Ludwig Nusselallow disabling NOTRACK rules on lo (bnc#519526)
2009-07-27 Ludwig Nusselallow to override interface zones
2009-07-17 Ludwig Nusselremove chkconfig calls (bnc#522268)
2009-07-09 Ludwig Nusseluse ln -sf
2009-07-09 Ludwig Nusseldeprecate fw_custom_before_antispoofing and fw_custom_a...
2009-07-09 Ludwig Nusselallow to set FW_ZONE_DEFAULT via config file
2009-07-09 Ludwig Nusseladd not about use as bridging firewall
2009-07-09 Ludwig Nusseladd comments to fix vim syntax hilighting resync
2009-06-09 Ludwig Nusselupdate firewall hook script (patch by Marius)
2009-06-09 Ludwig Nusselbetter wording for BROADCAST in template
2009-03-25 Ludwig Nusselsilence an error from bash if a service config file...
2009-01-23 Ludwig Nusselallow service files to specify kernel modules and allow...
2009-01-12 Ludwig Nusselfix version number in help text
2008-11-10 Ludwig Nusseladd note that ulog doesn't work with IPv6 (bnc#442756)
2008-11-06 Ludwig Nusselpoint to correct path for service files (bnc#425187)
2008-11-06 Ludwig Nusselcheck whether IPv6 support is available when stopping...
2008-10-15 Ludwig Nusseladd missing iptables-batch commitpoint for IPv4
2008-10-15 Ludwig Nusselcheck status of SuSEfirewall2 without triggering module...
2008-09-30 Ludwig NusselSuSEfirewall2_init: don't fail if /usr is not available...
2008-09-12 Ludwig Nusselexplain some common pitfalls around FW_SERVICES_ACCEPT_EXT
2008-09-12 Ludwig Nusselallow negated rules via ! in FW_FORWARD_MASQ (bnc#413046)
2008-09-10 Ludwig Nusseldon't modify the ip local port range
2008-09-02 Ludwig Nusselfix init script headers (patch by Werner)
2008-09-02 Ludwig Nusselfix "recent" match (bnc#413446)
2008-07-22 Ludwig Nusseladd raw table support (fate#978788)
2008-07-14 Ludwig Nusseluse correct rules to accept RELATED icmpv6 packets...
2008-06-30 Ludwig Nusselallow empty protocol in FW_SERVICES_ACCEPT_RELATED...
2008-04-22 Ludwig Nusselaccept icmp RELATED packets (bnc#382004)
2008-04-17 Ludwig Nusselsysconfig file documentation improvements
2008-04-03 Ludwig Nusselauto detect bridge interfaces and permit traffic
2008-03-28 Ludwig Nusselupdate links
2008-03-28 Ludwig Nusselremove obsolete files
2008-03-28 Ludwig Nusselremove X-UnitedLinux tags from init scripts
2008-03-28 Ludwig Nusselchange handling of RELATED packages
2008-03-28 Ludwig Nusselallow to ignore certain broadcasts even if broadcasts...
2008-03-28 Ludwig Nusseldon't check for /proc/net/stat/nf_conntrack when checki...
2008-03-28 Ludwig Nusselupdate copyright header
2008-01-07 Ludwig Nusselfix typo in comment (#350651)
2007-11-28 Ludwig Nusseldon't reject port 113 by default anymore (#344337)
2007-08-07 Ludwig Nusseluse hwdesc2iface to convert old eth-id-* and eth-bus...
2007-08-06 Ludwig Nusseldon't try to load ip6tables modules if ipv6 is disabled...
2007-07-06 Ludwig NusselNew configuration options: FW_NOMASQ_NETS, FW_FORWARD_R...
2007-06-18 Ludwig Nusselstart SuSEfirewall2_init as normal init script rather...
2007-06-13 Ludwig Nusselfix permissions of if-up script
2007-06-13 Ludwig Nusseladd if-up script
2007-06-13 Ludwig Nusseladd separate bootlock and bootunlock actions
2007-06-13 Ludwig Nusselmove removing the boot lock file into /sbin/SuSEfirewall2
2007-03-21 Ludwig Nusseladd FW_FORWARD v6 example
2007-03-21 Ludwig NusselFW_FORWARD works with v6 now
2007-03-21 Ludwig Nusselv6 support for FW_FORWARD
2007-03-21 Ludwig Nusselmake FW_ALLOW_CLASS_ROUTING also work for IPv6
2007-03-21 Ludwig Nussel- disable rules for related icmp packets as those are...
2007-03-20 Ludwig Nusselupdate some comments
2007-03-20 Ludwig Nusseladd section about author and maintainer
2007-03-19 Ludwig Nussel- enhance FW_ALLOW_CLASS_ROUTING to allow routing is...
2007-03-08 Ludwig Nusselremove checks for binaries that are not requried anymor...
2007-03-01 Ludwig Nusselread service configuration files from /etc/sysconfig...
2007-02-13 Ludwig Nusselfix FW_DEV_* not working (#244917)
2007-02-12 Ludwig Nussel- use /sys/class/net instead of /proc/sys/net/ipv[46...
2007-02-12 Ludwig Nusseldelete obsolete file
2007-02-12 Ludwig Nussel- use local copy of susebooks.css