2009-01-09 digitaltommdisplay error on failure
2009-01-05 digitaltommonly retry on deadlock
2009-01-05 digitaltommstart sequence with 1
2009-01-02 digitaltommretry if we don't get a write lock from the db immediat...
2009-01-02 digitaltommdo not always compact
2009-01-02 digitaltommuse templates
2009-01-02 digitaltommincrease internal dbxml logging
2008-12-19 digitaltommupdate convert class, support xslt attributes, cache...
2008-12-16 digitaltommbuild new rpm, i'm not entirely sure if it works
2008-12-11 digitaltommadd bugzilla link
2008-12-11 digitaltommfix posting new features
2008-12-09 digitaltommfix attachment links
2008-11-25 digitaltommenable statistics with new dbxml
2008-11-24 digitaltommfix docname
2008-11-24 digitaltommremove newline
2008-11-24 digitaltommfix for non-document values
2008-11-14 digitaltommupdated findbugs and fixed some problems
2008-11-14 digitaltommtestcase for metadata regression in dbxml 2.4.16
2008-11-14 digitaltommadd note
2008-11-12 digitaltommonly include needed classes for build
2008-11-11 digitaltommchange checkpointing
2008-09-11 digitaltommadd revisionquey arg, remove password stuff
2008-09-09 digitaltommsame username handling as askkeeper
2008-09-05 digitaltommadd delete method
2008-08-25 digitaltommset x-username
2008-08-19 digitaltommtry with timeout
2008-07-21 digitaltommadd vars to html conversion, fix delete()
2008-07-21 digitaltommupdate version
2008-07-21 digitaltommuse default username
2008-07-21 cwhAdded bit more debug output.
2008-07-16 digitaltommnice error when writing to non existant container
2008-07-16 digitaltommno auto username
2008-07-15 digitaltommremove debug message, example how to set username heade...
2008-07-15 digitaltommfix nullpointer, warn when multiple elements match
2008-07-15 digitaltommspecial format for error header
2008-07-14 digitaltommremove warning
2008-07-10 digitaltommmove up to avoid warning
2008-07-10 digitaltommmove code
2008-07-10 digitaltommnew errorcode
2008-07-10 digitaltommskip trigger log
2008-07-10 digitaltommcan skip single trigger now by request
2008-07-09 digitaltommadd skip history option
2008-07-09 digitaltommmoved transaction start, import and delete rely on...
2008-07-09 digitaltommchange trigger interface to be able to do pre-write...
2008-07-09 digitaltomminherit stacktrace
2008-07-09 digitaltommalways use 400 as status code for ichain
2008-07-04 digitaltommchange transaction handling, READ_COMMITTED, add a...
2008-07-04 digitaltommno revision index
2008-07-03 cwhAdded iChain auth-headers also for reading access
2008-07-03 digitaltommprepare standard 400 errormessage
2008-07-02 digitaltommturn this on
2008-07-02 digitaltommupdated documentation
2008-07-02 digitaltommremove obsolete files
2008-07-01 digitaltommcorrectly query for attributes
2008-07-01 digitaltommadd header
2008-07-01 digitaltommno stacktrace
2008-07-01 digitaltommrethrow exception. no lock timeout
2008-07-01 digitaltommadd errorcodes to body
2008-07-01 digitaltommupdate docs
2008-06-30 digitaltommmake log4j explicitely use utf-8
2008-06-30 digitaltommbe more robust against server encoding settings
2008-06-30 digitaltommonly set utf-8 if nothing else is set
2008-06-30 digitaltommonly warn
2008-06-25 digitaltommrequire ichain header now
2008-06-24 digitaltommfix is upstream
2008-06-23 digitaltommlog message
2008-06-20 digitaltommdon't use default indexes for now
2008-06-20 digitaltommlog username + encoding
2008-06-20 digitaltommset encoding to utf=รก when no content=tzpe is set
2008-06-20 digitaltommfix lastChangedBy content
2008-06-19 digitaltommdocu for sorting and limiting
2008-06-19 digitaltommdon't get name from non-node values
2008-06-19 digitaltommdo not crash on non-db return tags
2008-06-17 digitaltommfix revision queries
2008-06-17 digitaltommchange container config
2008-06-17 digitaltommuse ichain userid header
2008-06-16 digitaltommadded community notifications, removed authentication
2008-06-16 digitaltommless debug output
2008-06-15 digitaltommcleanup, prettier html outout
2008-06-12 digitaltommfix path
2008-06-11 digitaltommclean headers
2008-06-11 digitaltommremove user object for now
2008-06-11 digitaltommrefactoring of sxkeeper core.
2008-06-11 digitaltommrefactoring of sxkeeper core.
2008-06-10 digitaltommmove properties to notificationmanager, start thread...
2008-05-29 digitaltomminstall from new xml structure
2008-05-28 digitaltommuse templates, compact container on close, fix removal...
2008-05-27 digitaltommdon't die on flowr queries
2008-05-27 digitaltommcan serve more flowr statements now
2008-05-27 digitaltommmuch simpler querystring manipulation
2008-05-27 digitaltommreturn ordered lists
2008-05-26 digitaltommadded caching
2008-05-14 digitaltommset the code
2008-05-14 digitaltomm- add custom errorcodes
2008-05-09 digitaltommadd ignore
2008-05-09 digitaltommtest that crashes dbxml 2.4.13
2008-05-05 digitaltommturn off query stats
2008-04-30 digitaltommsome changes to test the memory footprint
2008-04-30 digitaltommdelete these results, too
2008-04-30 digitaltommthis confused fate