2010-08-08 Pascal Blesertoo many changes to list master
2010-08-05 Pascal Bleserupdated schema
2010-08-05 Pascal Bleserinitial version of frontend layer
2010-08-05 Pascal Blesernew utility repowipe
2010-08-05 Pascal Bleseradd support for --force and configuration format change...
2010-08-05 Pascal Bleseradd support for --force and older XML::LibXML versions
2010-07-29 Pascal Bleserfixed returns in parsers
2010-07-29 Pascal Blesertiny client to search the index
2010-07-29 Pascal Bleserreport repositories that are gone
2010-07-29 Pascal Bleserignore .log files
2010-07-29 Pascal Bleserbetter default search and boost parameters
2010-07-29 Pascal Bleserschema enhancements
2010-07-29 Pascal Bleseradd fetching a Solr release from SVN + fixed rules...
2010-07-28 Pascal Bleserremove agent, doesn't validate
2010-07-28 Pascal Bleseradd Solr optimization call
2010-07-27 Pascal Bleseradd more fields
2010-07-27 Pascal Bleseradd yast2 metadata support
2010-07-22 Pascal Bleserinitial checkin